November 27, 2013 | Steve Jong's birthday

1. Open up any media player and put it on shuffle

2. Answer each question by posting the song title (And band, if you want)


4. Don't cheat and try not skipping over any questions

5. No classical orchestra music or instrumental music as the song title.

1. If someone stole your favorite item, what would you yell out of anger?

Answer: "Push Push" by Sistar

2. You trip and fall in front of your crush, they say?

Answer: "Chocolate Truffles" by Clazziquai

3. A moment of disappointment hits you, what do you mutter?

Answer: "Dancing in a Minefield" by Plushgun

4. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Answer: "Dear Boy" by Lee Hyori

5. What's the best way to describe your closest friend?

Answer: "Ich liebe dich (I love you)" by Schnuffel

6. Best movie of all time?

Answer: "Mamma Mia" by Narsha

7. Best make-out spot to take someone?

Answer: "Fuck You" by Lily Allen

8. A song that would play during a wicked torturing of your enemies?

Answer: "PDA" by John Legend

9. A theme song that would play everytime your parent(s) enter a room?

Answer: "Wanna Be Starting Something" by Michael Jackson

10. You're walking home and you find 20 bucks, what do you say?

Answer: "Here I Come" by G-Dragon

11. Your Theme song?

Answer: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cindy Lauper

12. The end of the world is near, your reaction?

Answer: "I Don't Wanna Live Without You" by Chicago

13. A good song to kill to?

Answer: "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel

14. Someone broke your heart, what will you do now?

Answer: "파도 (Waves)" by UN

15. Your make-out song?

Answer: "She Is" by Clazziquai

16. You punch someone in the face, what do they cry out?

Answer: "Help Me" by Miss A

17. A rock is thrown through your window with a note on it. It says?

Answer: "Rhinestone Eyes" by Gorillaz

18. Someone compliments you on something, your reply?

Answer: "Easy (Buffetlibre Remix)" by Dragonette

19. What does the world and everyone in it think of you?

Answer: "Islands" by The XX 

20. An opening fight scene song?

Answer: "No One's Gonna Love You" by Cee-Lo Green

21. If you where one of the 7 sins... which would you be?

Answer: "Don't Cry" by Park Bom

22. Your favorite bedtime story?

Answer: "Criminal" by Fiona Apple

23. The song you'll make your husbund/wife dance to when you get married?

Answer: "Numbers Don't Lie" by the Mynabirds

24. You and a friend are trapped on an island, how will you decide leadership?

Answer: "We Run This" by Missy Elliott 

25. How will people remember you when you're dead and gone?

Answer: "Over The Rainbow" by Park Ji Min


Forever 21 - November 19, 2013


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November 18, 2013

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