Ezra's brother sleeps over his place.. Spencer hired an investigator to find about Toby. The girls believe Alison was pregnant.
Poor Aria, poor Ezra... blah blah. You get to see Hanna getting hit on by lesbian girls at a lesbian club though. Why does she look so freaking pretty?! So jealous of her beauty. Goodness, she's gorgeous!
Spencer and Toby, how unfortunate and Mona the bitch. So much drama.
Always a cliff hanger in the end, go figures.
Total drama in this one. 
Disturbing, disturbing the way Su Ah acts. I wanted to see a tough girl role, not a fucking innocent role. She's pretty, but playing as innocent person, she looks fucking ugly and annoying. I can't watch this anymore. She's just ruining everything. Besides I'm not good with Korean TV shows anyways.
Uhh... I don't know. Should I keep watching this? Su-Ah still acts too innocent, I wish she played as the tough role.
Acting is good so far, but the main girl, Su Ah acts too innocent, it's bothersome how typical Korean TV drama can be. I don't know if I'll continue watching this... this episode wasn't much of a cliffhanger anyways, which is good.
Goodness, how much I hate cliffhangers. I promised to watch "The Walking Dead" with my boyfriend, so I'll stick to the plan. Anyways so far so good, it's getting more interesting!