Goes inside the boy's stomach for stomach inspection and learning about the stomach. 
A girl who wants to show proof with everything she reminded me of me. She shows off a lot though, that reminded me of someone XDDDDDDDD She was really annoying in this one, but of course she learns her lesson from something ;)
Mickey Mouse and his dog, Pluto on a way to a trip, but the train doesn't allow dogs, so Mickey thinks of a plan by putting his dog inside his suitcase.
Like Alice in Wonderland, but thru the glass version.
Mickey talking tales of his past life when he was traveling and stranded on an island surrounded by small people. It was cute!! Mickey's all enjoying his time with small people while they look at him as a big threat.
Mickey trades his cow for magic beans. Magic beans turns into beanstalk. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy tries to rescue the Singing Harp who can make the valley happy again. It was cute and the singing harp lady has a beautiful voice. She sounded like Snow White. 
It all started with swapping flies to being a hero.
I'm not sure I'm not interested in this anime because I'm either bored of it or just really tired? I don't know, some scenes were okay but I don't know..................?
She explains about what happened to her sisters and brothers, which was an interesting story, but I don't know.. if I really want to keep watching this, but I'll give one more shot!
I didn't think this anime was that interesting. I only watched it because I run a cosplay blog full of cosplayers from worldwide. And I have seen Angel Beats! cosplay, well not that much, but still, I was curious. I didn't really like it that much. Maybe it will get better later, but I didn't really like it. Usually first episode was supposed to help me like it, but nah, it didn't, sadly.