It was less than 25 minutes long. It was very cute. It's reminding us that we should always stick to family traditions and celebrate the holiday with the family. 
Disturbing, disturbing the way Su Ah acts. I wanted to see a tough girl role, not a fucking innocent role. She's pretty, but playing as innocent person, she looks fucking ugly and annoying. I can't watch this anymore. She's just ruining everything. Besides I'm not good with Korean TV shows anyways.
Uhh... I don't know. Should I keep watching this? Su-Ah still acts too innocent, I wish she played as the tough role.
This movie made things perfect and easier for a 13 year old romance vs. pregnancy. It sucks that the movie wasn't so realistic like the American version, Juno, Ellen Page's role actually give her baby away because she knows as a high school student, she can't handle her baby. In Korea, having a baby at young age will get lots of complaints. Movie was sweet, but I thought it was bit too cheesy. It's more like every girl's dream to have perfect relationship with their boyfriend. I wouldn't say I recommend to watch this movie. I didn't really like it that much, I mean cute happy ending, but bleh.
Acting is good so far, but the main girl, Su Ah acts too innocent, it's bothersome how typical Korean TV drama can be. I don't know if I'll continue watching this... this episode wasn't much of a cliffhanger anyways, which is good.
I watched this movie before, but still funny. Jim Carrey was funnier back in the days. I'm not so sure about recent movies from him, but old movies still makes me laugh. The expressions he makes when he's doing the claw! I never get bored of this movie because it's so funny!
Goodness, how much I hate cliffhangers. I promised to watch "The Walking Dead" with my boyfriend, so I'll stick to the plan. Anyways so far so good, it's getting more interesting!
I finally got to watch this on Netflix, I'm glad they added this TV series, so I can watch it as HD plus better English subs! I'm not sure if I will watch the whole thing because Korean dramas makes me alter my personality into something stupid like act all tough when I'm really not, so let's see what happens! Plus I am watching this more to capture screenshots. I realized how fun it is to screenshot! Windows 8 allows you to press the window button then press print screen, it'll be available to you on the Screenshot folder from your Pictures folder!
OMG HORRIBLE ACTING EVER MR. TYLER PERRY, HOLY SHIT. Worst acting ever plus the scripting was little off, it wasn't that great. Instead of making Thandie Newton call you an "Ass" for stealing your parking spot, you should have said something different, something more respectful, but also rude way. "Look, I apologize for parking your spot. It'll just be quick, I am sorry. This is emergency, if I don't do this on time, I will lose my house and everything" Something sincere, but she just straight out call him "Ass" such a horrible scripting right there. 

I didn't mind Thandie Newtown's acting at all, she was pretty good, same with Gabrielle Union as well. The guy that played the brother for Tyler Perry's role was so much better at acting, lots of real emotions coming out of his actions, but Tyler Perry, he acted like a zombie. 

The only thing that was memorable from him was when he was dancing to Tupac music, that was about it. I understand he was trying to portray himself as that boring typical, business man, but really? Fix your acting up at leaast, damn! 

The story of the movie was interesting though. Thandie Newtown who also appeared as an actress from Pursuit of Happiness. It was fun watching her version of being the homeless type. Instead of the son, it's the daughter. Since Pursuit of Happiness didn't show much of the wife's role, it's cool to see it on Tyler Perry's movie. 

I watch a lot of his movies, but he really needs to fix his acting, experience a little, actually experience a lot with life. He was good at having tears in the end, but that's the only emotional outbreak from him.

I thought the ending was sweet though, it was cute.