I remember watching Chinese movies like art. I know most of them is based on martial arts, but it's just so beautifully made. Although the movie was 2 hours long, it was worth it all. Such a beautiful supernatural love story. I never really had a favorite Chinese movie before, I think this movie will be my first. I don't know much history of Chinese actress/actors, but the director picked the right person, I think so. The movie was happy and sad in the ending. I loved the ending though. The love story between the Sister fox demon and her lover who had a wife, but could not abandon her reminded me of Vampire Knight like the part when the Pureblood princess fell in love with a human and she turned him into a vampire. She kind of reminded me of her a bit. The movie makes you think, which parts does it relate to. I thought the movie somewhat related to Parents Trap or It Takes Two, where the Sister fox demon and the Princess Jing switched spots. It also reminded me of "The Little Mermaid" where Ariel wanted to be human and Ursula said she wanted Ariel's voice. The Sister fox demon wanted Princess Jing's heart. I really loved the movie. I give it 5/5!
Movie was alright, it had humor in it that made me laugh a lot. It's one of those movies you must see. Gangsters trying to act cool, but shows the reality, they don't always look cool, they have some mistakes that come off hilarious. Lots of inappropriate words, but still so funny! The main guy looked like my uncle, it was so funny because his voice is same as him too like raspy or husky voice, although my uncle is more slim and taller, but still funny! If only I remember his name, which I'm lazy to look for, (really lazy).
This movie was funny and cute at the same time. It was heart warming movie. I cried in the end because her opening speech at the concert was just heartfelt, it was so heart warming. Most Koreans do too much plastic surgery these days that they forget who they are. Even though I never done plastic surgery, but girls who change themselves way too much just to impress society. It's heartbreaking because they would pick the most beautiful people to do everything, thinking that beauty model will change the world. It's quite sad. This movie was touching, I enjoyed watching it!
Let me start out with the music = over dramatic. It just didn't match some of the scenes, felt like they were overdoing it. I never watched a Korean movie taken place in Philippines before, so it was interesting to see this movie. I wanted to visit Philippines someday, so it was cool to see this movie, felt like I was there as a foreigner. 6 different people visits Philippines for the first time, good and bad things happen for both of them. One's a married couple, second one is a singer (Eugene from S.E.S.) and random traveler guy, and third one is Soojin (Blood type O Capricorn traveler who ran away from his family, basically running away from her problems) and Scorpio blood type A businessman who came to Philippines to see his dad's passing. It's a love story, just little dramatic with the music especially the business man scene. I thought the movie was bit long though. Like I don't mind if the movie is long when it's really good, but it was kind of not that great.
Movie was seemingly cheesy... I don't like cheesy romance. The 23 year old guy from France looked like my cousin, Kichul oppa, it was so weird! Plus he looked like U-Know from DBSK by little. Anyways, so it's about this girl that falls for her husband and the guy she met at the Ceramic Museum? The ending was weird, I didn't really like the ending, then again she kind of had to give up 2 guys because she loved them both. Plus I think she didn't want to ruin her husband's friendship with the guy. The girl's name was Du-re, what a strange name, right? XP so there's like secret affairs between her and her husband's friend. I wouldn't really recommend this movie to anyone really... I didn't really enjoy it much as I thought I was going to. Why does Shin Mina always be in a movie where it's so cheesy? I don't get it?
February 23, 2013 Saturday

My mom picked up her boyfriend from the airport, after that, she came home around 5pm and slept until 7:10 pm, then we went to Alderwood mall with Minkyung. We parked at JC Penny parking lot, then went inside The Limited store, clothes were quite expensive, then went to Wet Seal and I end up buying a necklace, it was pretty! After that I needed to use the restroom, so I went inside JC Penny restroom then went to different stores with my mom, then she wanted to just go to the food court and wait there since she wanted to use the restroom as well. So I was just looking around Love Couture store, then it was almost 9 pm, I got hungry, so I went to the food court where Minkyung and my mom was waiting for me next to Panda Express. I ordered Charley's Subs for me and Minkyung. Got regular Philly Cheesesteak Deluxe and large Spicy Buffalo chicken sandwich along with large fries and large soda. The fries tasted so good that we finished eating it under the parking lot of the AMC theater. We were going to watch the movie, but the trailers we watched from my iPhone looked not that great, so we just came home. I wanted to watch a Korean movie, so I'm watching 'The Naked Kitchen'. Triangle love, Mo-Rae has a fling towards her husband's friend who came from France.
I've played this game before, but I don't remember if I purchased it or not. The game itself is alright like it makes you think who are these faceless and why are they after the main character's family. Sadly my free trial ended because I was doing something else while I had the game on. The puzzles weren't that complicated, it was fun! In the beginning of the game, the acting is bit off and not many expressions characterizing the character, it was okay though!
Game was really good! I loved the storyline plus the quality of the game and the music! I'm planning to purchase it. It makes me curious whats going to happen next. Maybe the witch and the prince had a thing going on. Or maybe he's the wrong prince that she's been looking for.
I finished the game, but problem of this game, I had to press the hint a lot. It was so laggy like the cursor. My game card is really good, but the game was bit laggy still. It was giving me a headache, but overall the picture quality was really good and the story was bit too cheesy in the end. The puzzles were too hard for me, so I skipped a lot of it, unfortunately.
So I just finished playing this game. It took me awhile to finish this game. Usually it takes me up to 4 hours, but sinice I was playing the hard mode, it took me awhile. I really loved the game. I asked myself when the game was over, but when it was over, I was sad. I loved it though. I enjoyed playing House of 1,000 doors. I can't wait to play more games from them! I had no regrets when I purchased this game! The quality of the game was just magnefique! 
February 22, 2013
Me an Minkyung at SanMaru Grill and Minkyung bought it for us. Sweet of her!
After eating at SanMaru, we went to Starbucks and I bought the drinks! I got grande Vanilla Bean and she got tall Americano. After that I helped her how to download youtube videos like dvdvideosoft and also download music at beemp3!