July 31, 2013

Game Link: Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts

My reviews: 3.5/5

How the game was made was interesting like how you enter the mirror portal to go into the ghostly like scenes and you need to figure out puzzles from the real world and the ghost world. If you like games where you communicate with ghosts, this game is the game you would like to play. Also for levels for the game, there's casual and advanced and custom. I chose custom, I love custom levels, I think every Bigfish games should have it. This game was part of the daily deal, sadly, I missed it. The story makes you curious what happened to the character's mom though. Acting is little off though like the characters emotions and acting did not match in my opinion. She didn't show a frowning face, she was just talking in frustration but smiling? That's weird.... weird in a bad way.

Would I recommend?

I guess so, if you like spiritual, ghostly games. It wasn't that scary though, there was no pop-ups in the game trial. It's very ghostly though, so some maps could be too dark or too bright, there is no way for you to change the brightness setting in this game too, if you don't like that, then the game isn't right for you.

Game Screenshots:

First of all, I don't want to give a game link to this game, it's really boring. I would suggest you other games than this. The graphics in the game looks fairly good, crispy and sharp, looks realistic but there is really no story, just bunch of characters talking. It's so boring that I had to skip it.

July 27, 2013 Saturday




Game Link: Nightmares from the Deep: The siren's Call

My Reviews: 5.5/5

OH MY FUCKING GOD, I LOVE THIS GAME. It's so detailed and the brain puzzles are like linked to another brain puzzles, this doesn't happen all the time though, but oh my goodness, I love this game. Everything's animated like the characters, the items, just everything, even the map too. The acting sort of kind of got me to think "Okay.. the game is excellent except the acting of the characters" that's the only part I didn't like much, but wow amazing game. I only played the game trial. The game is so expensive. This game will definitely be my no. 1 choice when there's a collector's edition sale out. The mermaid is beautiful, her man is handsome and protective. So you're playing as a detective and you're trying to save the mermaid before anything happens to her. There's that octopus attacking scene. It's just crazy. Such amazing and gorgeous game graphics, it's beautiful. This game is more focused on fantasy and I love fantasy theme games. Davy Jones, I only know about that character because of Pirates and the Caribbean movie. I want to save the mermaid, I'll save you soon~~! Also to mention that the brain puzzles are not too hard, they made it very creative and more fun, it was enjoyable!

Would I recommend?

FUCK YEAH! If you don't have a really good game card, this game will be difficult for you to play, it could most likely lag for you. There's a lot of animation going on, it is very amazingly detailed, not realistically, but animated detailed, it's just beautiful. Warning though, there are scary pop-up scenes that scared the SHIT OUT OF ME OMG. I literally screamed XD

Game Screenshots:


Game Link: Flux Family Secrets: THe Book of Oracles

My Review: 2.5/5

This game graphic is so good, that it's too bad that I don't think I will purchase this game. I like time traveling games, but this one is not my cup of tea. The brain puzzles are extremely difficult for me to handle. Sadly, I am uninstalling this game. The graphics are pretty, but the brain puzzles was just to much. Hidden Object Search games were fun though. I am giving 2.5/5 for the reviews because the brain puzzles, I had to most of them. The weight puzzle was the easiest.

Would I recommend?

I would only recommend this game to those who loves hardcore brain puzzle challenges. If you like laid-back games, don't play this, it's too hard. Maybe you could be smarter than me, but I didn't like the brain puzzles much. 

Game Screenshots


Top 30 celebrities with the most twitter followers

Top 30 Celebrities with the most Twitter 
followers and their Chinese zodiacs.

1. Justin Bieber | Singer | Dog
2. Katy Perry | Singer | Rat
3. Lady Gaga | Singer | Tiger
4. Barack Obama | President | Ox
5. Taylor Swift | Singer | Snake
6. Rihanna | Singer | Dragon
7. Britney Spears | Singer | Rooster
8. Justin Timberlake | Singer | Monkey 
9. Shakira | Singer | Dragon
10. Jennifer Lopez | Singer | Rooster
11. Ellen Degeneres | TV Host | Rooster
12. Oprah Winfrey | TV Host | Snake
13. Cristiano Ronaldo | Soccer Payer | Rat
14. Kim Kardashian | Reality Star | Monkey 
15. P!nk | Singer | Sheep
16. Nicki Minaj | Singer | Dog
17. Bruno Mars | Singer | Ox
18. Adele | Singer | Dragon
19. Demi Lovato | Singer | Monkey 
20. Selena Gomez | Singer | Monkey 
21. Alicia Keys | Singer | Monkey 
22. Eminem | Rapper | Rat
23. Harry Styles | Singer | Rooster 
24. Ashton Kutcher | Actor | Snake
25. Miley Cyrus | Singer | Monkey 
26. Pitbull | Rapper | Monkey 
27. Chris Brown | Singer | Snake
28. Niall Horan | Singer | Rooster
29. Lil Wayne | Rapper | Dog
30. Mariah Carey | Singer | Dog

Total of Dogs: 4
Total of Rats: 3
Total of Tigers: 1
Total of Oxen: 2
Total of Snakes: 4
Total of Dragons: 3
Total of Roosters: 5
Total of Monkeys: 6
Total of Sheep: 1

Rabbits, Horse, Pigs are not in the TOP 30 list.


1st rank: Monkeys 
2nd rank: Roosters 
3rd rank: Dogs 
4th rank: Snakes
5th rank: Rats
6th rank: Dragons
7th rank: Oxen
8th rank: Tigers
9th rank: Sheep
10th rank: Rabbit
11th rank: Pig
12th rank: Horse 

Game Link: Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession

My review: 4/5

Good graphics, it wasn't like stunning, just good graphics from this game. The way the characters were designed were pretty cool, I thought. I don't know if I am curious about what's happening, there's dead people as you venture into this game. It can be somewhat creepy, like that creepy doll scene. The musics are eerie. I like this game because you need to find coins to purchase an item for your game quest. I only played the trial though. I am not sure if I will purchase this any time soon. I have a lot of games that I want to play and have not purchased just yet. I rather play those games than playing this. It wasn't that exciting. The hidden object games are fun though. The HOS (Hidden Object Search) in this game, there's parts where you need to find 15 hammers (It was hard), finding objects to open the next clue. I like those type of HOS puzzles. The puzzles were hard in this game though, I didn't like it as much, you have to use your brain a lot.

Would I recommend?

I wouldn't recommend this game to those who can't handle straining brain work out, lols. I don't like difficult brain puzzle games that takes a lot of time. If you love a challenge, this game is PERFECT for you. The hint recharge button and the skip button as casual mode still takes long time. I played the advanced, but in one of the puzzles, I had to use the casual mode. The advanced mode took a very long time to load up the skip button compare to the other games I played that I also played in advanced level. If you don't like scary pop up images or scary scenes or scary music, this game is not right for you.

Game Screenshots


July 25, 2013

Stayed home, slept around 1-2pm, woke up at 5pm because I was dehydrated, so I finished a probiotic wild berry smoothie. Then I slept again, woke up around 8pm. Boyfriend and I tried to fix the Canon Elphs 320 HS camera to fix the auto focus. Boyfriend and I had to talk about why we both misunderstand each other a lot, how I tell him that don't think I'm trying to lower him down, I'm only trying to help him, help us. Boyfriend got me Shari's Healthy Starter omelette, original price was $9.59. It was deliciousssss! I forgot to take out the green onions.

MY CAMERA ARRIVED!! Thanks to my dad again!!

July 26, 2013