Top 30 World's Richest

Top 30 World's Richest in USD and their Chinese Zodiac Signs as well.
(From most to least)

1. Carlos Slim Helu | 73 Billion | Rabbit
2. Bill Gates | 67 Billion | Sheep
3. Amancio Ortega | 57 Billion | Rat
4. Warren Buffet | 53.5 Billion | Horse
5. Larry Ellison | 43 Billion | Monkey 
6. Charles Koch | 34 Billion | Pig
7. Li Ka-Shing | 31 Billion | Dragon
8. Liliane Bettencourt | 30 Billion | Dog
9. Bernard Arnault | 29 Billion | Ox
10. Christy Wolton | 28.2 Billion | Sheep
11. Stefan Persson | 28 Billion | Pig
12. Michael Bloomberg | 27 Billion | Snake
13. Jim Walton | 26.7 Billion | Rat
14. Sheldon Adelson |26.5 Billion | Rooster
15. Alice Walton | 26.3 Billion | Ox
16. S. Robson Walton | 26.1 Billion | Monkey 
17. Karl Albrecht | 26 Billion | Monkey 
18. Jeff Bezos | 25.3 Billion | Rabbit
19. Larry Page | 23 Billion | Ox
20. Sergey Brin | 22.8 Billion | Ox
21. Mukesh Ambani | 21.5 Billion | Rooster
22. Michele Ferrero | 20.4 Billion | Ox
23. Lee Shau Kee | 20.3 Billion | Rabbit
24. David Thomson | 20.3 Billion | Rooster
25. Al-Waleed bin Talal | 20 Billion | Sheep
26. Carl Icahn | 20 Billion | Rat
27. Thomas and Raymond Kwok | 20 Billion | Pig and Ox
28. Dieter Schwarz | 19.5 Billion | Rabbit
29. George Soros | 19.2 Billion | Horse
30. Alberto Bailleres | 18.2 Billion | Rabbit

Total of Rabbits: 5
Total of Sheep: 3
Total of Rats: 3
Total of Horses: 2
Total of Monkeys: 3
Total of Pigs: 3
Total of Dragons: 1
Total of Dogs: 1
Total of Oxen: 6
Total of Snakes: 1
Total of Roosters: 2

But no tigers on the Top 30 X__X


1st rank: Oxen
2nd rank: Rabbits
3rd rank: Sheep
4th rank: Rats
5th rank: Monkeys
6th rank: Pigs
7th rank: Horses
8th rank: Roosters
9th rank: Dragons
10th rank: Dogs
11th rank: Snakes
12th rank: Tiger

Top 30 Best Selling Book Authors

TOP 30 Best Selling Book Authors and sharing you their Chinese Zodiac Sign as well. (From most to least)

1. J.K. Rowling | Harry Potter | Snake
2. R.L. Stine | Goosebumps | Sheep
3. Erle Stanley Gardner | Perry Mason | Ox
4. Stan and Jan Berenstain | Berenstain Bears | Both Pigs
5. Francine Pascal | Sweet Valley High | Tiger
6. Enid Blyton | Noddy | Rooster
7. Wilbert and Christopher Awdry | The Railway Series | Pig and Dragon
8. Frédéric Dard | San-Antonio | Rooster
9. Dan Brown | Robert Langdon | Dragon
10. Ann Martin | The Baby-sitters Club | Sheep
11. Beatrix Potter | Peter Rabbit | Tiger
12. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen | 
Chicken Soup for the Soul | Monkey and Rat
13. Gilbert Patten | Frank Merriwell | Tiger
14. Clive Cussler | Dirk Pitt | Sheep
15. Eiji Yoshikawa | 宮本武蔵 | Dragon
16. C.S. Lewis | The Chronicles of Narnia | Dog
17. Roger and Adam Hargreaves | Mr. Men | Pig and Dragon
18. Stephenie Meyer | Twilight | Ox
19. Norman Bridwell | Clifford the Big Red Dog | Rabbit
20. Ian Fleming | James Bond | Monkey 
21. Gilbert Delahaye and Marcel Marlier | Martine | Pig and Horse 
22. Dick Bruna | Miffy | Rabbit
23. Anne Rice | The Vampire Chronicles | Snake
24. Astrid Lindgren | Pippi Longstocking | Sheep
25. Jean Bruce | OSS 117 | Rooster
26. Jeff Kinney | Diary of a Wimpy Kid | Pig
27. A. A. Milne | Winnie the Pooh | Horse
28. Mary Pope Osborne | Magic Tree House | Ox
29. E.L. James | Fifty Shades of Grey | Rabbit
30. Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins | Left Behind | Tiger and Ox

Total of Snakes: 2
Total of Sheep: 4
Total of Oxen: 4
Total of Pigs: 6
Total of Tigers: 4
Total of Roosters: 3
Total of Dragons: 4
Total of Monkeys: 2
Total of Rats: 1
Total of Dogs: 1
Total of Rabbits: 3
Total of Horse: 2


1st rank: Pigs
2nd rank: Sheep
3rd rank: Oxen
4th rank: Tigers
5th rank: Dragons
6th rank: Roosters
7th rank: Rabbits
8th rank: Snakes
9th rank: Monkeys
10th rank: Horses
11th rank: Rats
12th rank: Dogs

Top 30 Famous Youtubers 
(Excluding Famous singers/actors)

1. SMOSH | Ian & Anthony | Both Rabbits
2. PewDiePie | Felix | Snake
3. JennaMarbles | Jenna | Tiger
4. RayWilliamJohnson | Ray | Rooster
5. NigaHiga | Ryan | Snake
6. HolaSoyGerman | German | Horse
7. ERB | Peter | Sheep
8. Freddiew | Freddie | Ox
9. YOGSCAST Lewis | Lewis | Pig
10. TobyGames | Toby | Ox
11. CaptainSparklez | Jordan | Monkey 
12. Shane Dawson TV | Shane | Dragon
13. MichellePhan | Michelle | Rabbit
14. Vsauce | Michael | Ox
15. Lady16makeup | Yuya | Rooster
16. NqTV | Remi | Tiger
17. KevJumba | Kevin | Horse
18. MonsieurDream | Cyprien | Snake
19. LindseyStomp | Lindsey | Tiger
20. Macbarbie07 | Bethany | Pig
21. Sxephil | Phillip | Ox
22. MysteryGuitarMan | Rabbit
23. CaELiKe | Caeli | Horse
24. Kassem G | Kassem | Pig
25. Felipe Neto | Felipe | Rabbit
26. NormanFaitDesVideos | Norman | Rabbit
27. ItsKingsleyBitch | Kingsley | Horse
28. JacksGap | Jack | Snake
29. Fred | Lucas | Rooster
30. BubzBeauty | Lindy | Tiger

Total of Rabbits: 6
Total of Snakes: 4
Total of Tigers: 4
Total of Roosters: 3
Total of Horses: 4
Total of Sheeps: 1
Total of Oxen: 4
Total of Pigs: 3
Total of Monkeys: 1
Total of Dragons: 1

But no... rats and dogs on the Top 30 O_O


1st rank: Rabbits | Sentimental
2nd rank: Snakes | Charming
3rd rank: Tigers | Magnetic
4th rank: Horses | Enthustiastic 
5th rank: Oxen | Persistent
6th rank: Roosters | Resourceful
7th rank: Pigs | Confident
8th rank: Sheep | Tranquil
9th rank: Monkeys | Lively
10th rank: Dragons | Dynamic
11th rank: Dogs | Righteous
12th rank: Rats | Passionate

Game Link: Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls

My Reviews | 4.5/5

I've purchased this game last year, but I never done a review, so here you go. I remember I liked this game, there was lots of things to do in this game like there's hidden object solving with items that are listed and items that you need to fix by searching the each parts of it on the map. The music is indeed creepy, but not too scary to the point you can't take it. There's also maps in this game too, so it can be easily accessible to where you want to, but you have to collect 4-6 coins, I like the idea how you have to do a lot of mini-puzzles in this game. The brain puzzles weren't that hard either, although I had to skip some puzzles because I was playing a trial game today. I played in advanced mode where the hints and puzzles charges slowly. It wasn't that bad when it comes to recharging, it didn't take no more than 30 seconds. This game has some ghost scenes where you have to help each ghost, I think that is also fun if you like helping the ghost. The game quality is also very good, it's not that bad at all

Would I recommend? 

Yes, I would definitely recommend you to install this game! Try playing the trial first, trial's are always free at first. To buy it full version, it cost $9.99. If you want to pay only $6.99 for the full version, try out the Game Members Club! It has so many benefits like daily deals, play new games before it's released. You just need to pay $6.99 USD monthly. 

Screenshots of this game 


July 24, 2013 | Wednesday | Barnes & Noble | Weekly Planner | Price: $9.99



A former government agent wrongly accused of a crime gets a shot at freedom -- if he can engineer a high-risk mission to outer space in order to rescue the president's daughter from a prison where the inmates are in control.

My review for Lockout

Story plot: 8/10
Casting: 10/10
Action: 8/10
Special Effects: 6/10

One secret. One briefcase. One mission. One important hostage. One man for the mission. 

I was surprised to see the daughter role from the movie, Taken in this movie. I thought she was good at acting. And you guys, this is a Sci-Fi movie, all Sci-Fi movies don't all have great scripts and special effects. The special effects are cheap in some way. Maybe the space scene looks real, but other than that, it wasn't that great, like the fire scenes were just weird and the gun shooting scenes. I don't know if I should say I recommend this movie to anyone. If you like prisoners locked inside the space ship, holding President's daughter as hostage, having one obnoxious guy (Guy Pearce) to be sent on a mission to rescue the President's daughter, then go ahead. The story was interesting Guy Pearce really looked like Brad Pitt here, they resemble a lot with their facial features. 

Most Annoying Script in Scene

Harry Shaw: Snow, can you hear me?

Netflix Summary for Starlet | Rated R | 1HR 43 MIN

Jane, a 21-year-old slacker, finds $10,000 stashed in a thermos she buys at a garage sale. Unsure what to do with the money, she begins spending time with Sadie, the elderly widow who held the garage sale. Note: this film contains explicit content.

My review for Starlet

Story plot: 10/10
Casting: 10/10

Sadie is the elder who lives alone in the house surrounded by her garden and trees. Jane is girl who was trying to find some items from the yard sale to brighten up her room with used decorations. Then she finds money from the thermos. Ask yourself, what will you do if you found $10,000 from the yard sale item. It's not yours and it's someone's else money. Are you going to return it or are you going to use the money? Jane uses some money, but she also doesn't spend the rest because she starts to feel guilty. She wants to know more about this old lady's life, what's her background, her story, help as a good Samaritan until she can get some answers and their friendship builds each day as she tries to get this story. It's really cute. At first, I was like... how is this going to be directed? Movie was well-directed, I thought so. Also the acting looked so much like natural then just scripted as well. I expected what was going to happen, but it never happened the way I expected, which I like, I love surprises anyways. I would recommend you to watch this movie! :) 
Game ratings: 3.5/5
Music: It's good, there's always different music in every 2 of the maps.
HOS: Fun! It's sort of difficult to find the items though. I would give it 3.5/5.
Puzzles: It was kind of hard for me, but it was alright. I would give it 3/5.
Story: I am curious who the kidnapper is and why he's stealing children! 4.5/5.
Graphics: Very good!! Not outstanding, just very good! 4/5.
Characters in the game: I would give it 4/5! :)
Oh my god, I really love the graphics. I'm not sure if this game is only fun when it's on trial, but the trial made me want to buy it, too bad it's collector's edition. I am going to wait for the sale on this! It's a beautiful game with beautiful graphics! :) 5/5! I thought this trial was too short though, I still had 22 minutes left. I really like this game because it has a map and you can just press a room you want to go explore, makes it easier. Also for HOS (Hidden Object Search), you don't find the items from what the words asked you, it's by pictures and you have to unlock it by gathering items.
Warning.. this scene is scary.

July 22, 2013: Target