Okay first of all, I wasn't trying to be harsh. I just said "maybe your bones hurt because you're out of shaped." My boyfriend's bones were hurting. He fell down many times when trying to get snowy uphill to sleigh ride with Danny. I thought maybe the pain could react more due to his weight. I didn't even called him fat or obese. I could say something worse. I feel like every time we had fun together, there's always conflicts between us afterward. There's always something to discuss about that turns into an argument or disagreement. He's not a girl. He's a grown man. Those words should not affect him. If he is uncomfortable with his body, then he can just exercise instead of getting worked up about how upset he was when I told him to work out. I don't like complaining. But it's difficult to stop complaining, I understand. People just need to remind others not to complain. Complaining is too easy. Or he could have taken a hot shower or lie down doing hot bath. And people in this world will always say something. There are people with white lies. I'm one of them. People ask me I'm out of shaped, but that doesn't bother me. I know I'm skinny, but I'm still out of shaped. I can't even run or walk fast, otherwise, I would feel tired and weak faster. Can't believe he got upset over what I said. Then he brings about how I always talk like this. Really? Really?? We're talking about current issue. Past is past. And other reason I bring about the past too is because I have a habit of doing or saying what people normally say. I get influenced easily. And that's why I ask my boyfriend to stop doing that, so I can follow him and stop too. I don't want to be the man in the relationship. I'm a girl. And want to be treated like a girl. Not as a stranger or an animal, but just a simple girl. Is that so hard to do?


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