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It shouldn't of called as disorders. It's just blood type traits that make us do that. Faster we know about ourselves more, quicker to improve early than later. Like there's bipolar, depression, paranoia, ADD, ADHD, OCD, etc. I never thought these disorders are bad thing to have because it could just be part of blood type's physical & mind traits. Type B are restless type, they have to move around a lot, they can't stay in one place forever. And the type B people that goes and see the therapist, they are labeled as ADD or ADHD. When people hear that they have a disorder, some become proud of it and absorb it all thinking it's okay to have this disorder and some don't just fix the situation. Same with when people know that they're supposed to be like that through blood type, change seems easy, but it is difficult when those traits naturally came to us. Type A being perfectionist out of all the blood types, and needs to have clean environment or they will get frustrated badly. When type A goes sees the therapist, they are labeled as OCD. Some people look at disorder in a bad way. Kind of like racism you know. Just because this girl's black doesn't mean you should be scared of her. Just because that person has OCD doesn't mean you should be scared of her either. Blood type O has tendency to worry a lot more than the other blood type, which causes them to have something like "anxiety and paranoia" like when they go see a therapist, that's what they will hear. Plus blood type A, when they're mad, it's hard for them to control it most of the times, therapist will ask them to go take anger management class. If only more people will realize about blood type, the more they will understand about their bodies and their personality better. Type O and B gets lonely faster, type B is worse on that case. Type O gets depressed easily because they are never satisfied with anything in secretly way. When each blood type gets depressed, the actions are different with each of them. Blood type isn't labeling anything really, because it's what we are you know? We were born with our blood. There are so many ways to help a person by their acts through blood type, but people rather just believe the "professionals" or "people with a degree". Well I'm sorry I'm not a professional or have a degree. I just have experiences and knowledge for a very long time. When you have a lot of free time, you think deeply about stuff like this. That's what I did most of the time since middle school.. I wasn't smart with science and math, or PE or art or history. Every subjects... I was horrible at. That's why I relied on blood type personality. Zodiac signs physical facts are just fictions.... Not all the people with same zodiacs have same physical problems. Zodiac doesn't tell you exactly about your problems because it's not inside you. Blood type is inside you forever and it will only change for the better through eating right and exercise.

Whoever read this all, thank you so much. This means a lot to me. Thinking all of this since 2001, damn. Not easy thing to observe people because there's a lot of fake personality people out there. During my research, I did have some mistakes here and there, but I learned quickly through time and patience.
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