Ehh the game was okay, but not very okay. It was kind of boring. Some of the items were difficult to find because the images did not make sense, it didn't look like what it asked me to find. I pressed hints and I was like "Okay.. I don't think anyone will know that's the right one" I wouldn't recommend this. A lot of people gave a bad reviews on this game too. Good thing I just got the trial and not the $2.99 daily deal. There is really no story line. You just go right directly to finding objects and that was just boring. The graphic are 2/5. It's okay. You can tell that they didn't really have a good job almost dissolving the images into the background. They're basically scattered, it really hurt my eyes.
As you can say, I didn't finish this game. It wasn't just that great, I need storyline, but this game? Not so much. 


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