Very relaxed game, I really love the graphic in this game, it's 3D. When you drag your characters around, they just hang there on your cursor, it's super cute. There were some items that were difficult to find, so I had to look it up on Google. Like Magic Axe, I realized a lot of people were having hard time finding this item too. You need to do the quest from the Native tribe, until you reach to the save the Native King's princess, you will get the Magic Axe reward. The pirate games are similar as Angry Bird game. Didn't think I would beat the 6 challenges were surprising, I am glad I beat it. You don't need to get 5 stars to unlock the Native Princess quest, you just need to wait for the quest for it to appear. It's very addicting just letting you know that. I recommend people to play this game, it's really fun! 
For the houses. You need to connect the doors to door in order to make the room available. It took me awhile to understand this. I bought a house with 8 rooms, but it said 3, so I was confused. I didn't look it up on Google because I thought something was just wrong with the game. I wish they showed us that we needed to link the rooms. Maybe it did, I don't remember.


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