The game is alright, so I purchased it, plus it was part of the daily deal from Game Fish Member Club. The crow part was interesting, it helps me get the item I am looking for when it's like high up in the pole or far away from the river. I'm an inspector finding mysterious parts in town in this game. So many vermin rats controlled by the mystery person who plays the flute. Quality of the HOS is really 2/5, I really liked it, it's like somewhat clear. The puzzles in the beginning are easy, but it gets you to think a lot, so it could get harder I think. I will continue play this game and review the full version soon! (To read further reviews, please scroll down.
Sigh........ I regret purchasing this. I only purchased thinking I would like it, but it was disappointing. I saw how it had good star ratings. It has 4/5 star ratings by 55 reviews. I like that it doesn't tell you where to go next for more hints, but it was giving me a very bad headache. I honestly didn't like the game as I thought I was going to be. It was waste of money. DON'T GET IT! The puzzles are not that challenging as well, it's just 2/5. It's too easy. I never skipped like I usually skip puzzles. The graphics are pretty though, but not like "wooww pretty" if you still want to play it, try the game trial first. The game trial was fun, but buying the whole game wasn't. I can't believe there's a collector's edition for this. I ain't getting it.


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