The trial game is fun, but when you purchase it full version? Not that great. I should have just listened to the people who reviewed this game, they are very right. This game gives me headache. I do regret paying this game. It was on daily deals for $2.99. The puzzles are somewhat difficult, I would give it 3/5 on how hard the puzzles are. Few, I skipped because it was complicated. This is no hidden object game, just adventure and puzzle. I don't mind that at all. I like that they use real people in the game though like the acting is very good. I didn't finish the game yet, but after I finish it, I will type it if I liked the ending. The game is freaky though!! I had to switch to easy mode. I was playing the hard more, but I didn't know where to go... what annoyed me the most was that there was items that did not sound like it was meant for certain area like I was confused what I was supposed to do next, like screw driver? I needed to open a car door with a screw driver, okay that was weird. The items that the hint asked me to check out did not match the criteria, it did not make sense. This game is bit gruesome, warning!


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