Game Link: Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls

My Reviews | 4.5/5

I've purchased this game last year, but I never done a review, so here you go. I remember I liked this game, there was lots of things to do in this game like there's hidden object solving with items that are listed and items that you need to fix by searching the each parts of it on the map. The music is indeed creepy, but not too scary to the point you can't take it. There's also maps in this game too, so it can be easily accessible to where you want to, but you have to collect 4-6 coins, I like the idea how you have to do a lot of mini-puzzles in this game. The brain puzzles weren't that hard either, although I had to skip some puzzles because I was playing a trial game today. I played in advanced mode where the hints and puzzles charges slowly. It wasn't that bad when it comes to recharging, it didn't take no more than 30 seconds. This game has some ghost scenes where you have to help each ghost, I think that is also fun if you like helping the ghost. The game quality is also very good, it's not that bad at all

Would I recommend? 

Yes, I would definitely recommend you to install this game! Try playing the trial first, trial's are always free at first. To buy it full version, it cost $9.99. If you want to pay only $6.99 for the full version, try out the Game Members Club! It has so many benefits like daily deals, play new games before it's released. You just need to pay $6.99 USD monthly. 

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