Game Link: Flux Family Secrets: THe Book of Oracles

My Review: 2.5/5

This game graphic is so good, that it's too bad that I don't think I will purchase this game. I like time traveling games, but this one is not my cup of tea. The brain puzzles are extremely difficult for me to handle. Sadly, I am uninstalling this game. The graphics are pretty, but the brain puzzles was just to much. Hidden Object Search games were fun though. I am giving 2.5/5 for the reviews because the brain puzzles, I had to most of them. The weight puzzle was the easiest.

Would I recommend?

I would only recommend this game to those who loves hardcore brain puzzle challenges. If you like laid-back games, don't play this, it's too hard. Maybe you could be smarter than me, but I didn't like the brain puzzles much. 

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