Game Link: Nightmares from the Deep: The siren's Call

My Reviews: 5.5/5

OH MY FUCKING GOD, I LOVE THIS GAME. It's so detailed and the brain puzzles are like linked to another brain puzzles, this doesn't happen all the time though, but oh my goodness, I love this game. Everything's animated like the characters, the items, just everything, even the map too. The acting sort of kind of got me to think "Okay.. the game is excellent except the acting of the characters" that's the only part I didn't like much, but wow amazing game. I only played the game trial. The game is so expensive. This game will definitely be my no. 1 choice when there's a collector's edition sale out. The mermaid is beautiful, her man is handsome and protective. So you're playing as a detective and you're trying to save the mermaid before anything happens to her. There's that octopus attacking scene. It's just crazy. Such amazing and gorgeous game graphics, it's beautiful. This game is more focused on fantasy and I love fantasy theme games. Davy Jones, I only know about that character because of Pirates and the Caribbean movie. I want to save the mermaid, I'll save you soon~~! Also to mention that the brain puzzles are not too hard, they made it very creative and more fun, it was enjoyable!

Would I recommend?

FUCK YEAH! If you don't have a really good game card, this game will be difficult for you to play, it could most likely lag for you. There's a lot of animation going on, it is very amazingly detailed, not realistically, but animated detailed, it's just beautiful. Warning though, there are scary pop-up scenes that scared the SHIT OUT OF ME OMG. I literally screamed XD

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