A former government agent wrongly accused of a crime gets a shot at freedom -- if he can engineer a high-risk mission to outer space in order to rescue the president's daughter from a prison where the inmates are in control.

My review for Lockout

Story plot: 8/10
Casting: 10/10
Action: 8/10
Special Effects: 6/10

One secret. One briefcase. One mission. One important hostage. One man for the mission. 

I was surprised to see the daughter role from the movie, Taken in this movie. I thought she was good at acting. And you guys, this is a Sci-Fi movie, all Sci-Fi movies don't all have great scripts and special effects. The special effects are cheap in some way. Maybe the space scene looks real, but other than that, it wasn't that great, like the fire scenes were just weird and the gun shooting scenes. I don't know if I should say I recommend this movie to anyone. If you like prisoners locked inside the space ship, holding President's daughter as hostage, having one obnoxious guy (Guy Pearce) to be sent on a mission to rescue the President's daughter, then go ahead. The story was interesting Guy Pearce really looked like Brad Pitt here, they resemble a lot with their facial features. 

Most Annoying Script in Scene

Harry Shaw: Snow, can you hear me?

Netflix Summary for Starlet | Rated R | 1HR 43 MIN

Jane, a 21-year-old slacker, finds $10,000 stashed in a thermos she buys at a garage sale. Unsure what to do with the money, she begins spending time with Sadie, the elderly widow who held the garage sale. Note: this film contains explicit content.

My review for Starlet

Story plot: 10/10
Casting: 10/10

Sadie is the elder who lives alone in the house surrounded by her garden and trees. Jane is girl who was trying to find some items from the yard sale to brighten up her room with used decorations. Then she finds money from the thermos. Ask yourself, what will you do if you found $10,000 from the yard sale item. It's not yours and it's someone's else money. Are you going to return it or are you going to use the money? Jane uses some money, but she also doesn't spend the rest because she starts to feel guilty. She wants to know more about this old lady's life, what's her background, her story, help as a good Samaritan until she can get some answers and their friendship builds each day as she tries to get this story. It's really cute. At first, I was like... how is this going to be directed? Movie was well-directed, I thought so. Also the acting looked so much like natural then just scripted as well. I expected what was going to happen, but it never happened the way I expected, which I like, I love surprises anyways. I would recommend you to watch this movie! :) 
It's an inspirational movie, learn to break some rules to enjoy a fun life. I don't know though, I wouldn't recommend this movie though. I thought there was going to be a human boy turning into an ant sized, but I guess that's a different movie. I would give it 2/5.
Oh wow, I'm surprised this movie is Rated R, then again there was some boobies, nothing like sex scenes. It was a sweet and funny movie. Especially their youngest daughter who thinks she's a glamorous star. The main daughter who wants to fix her abnormal family by kidnapping them, settle things out in one house. I would recommend people to watch this movie! I would give it 4.5/5. Another tip, this is definitely not a family gathering movie. I wouldn't suggest you to watch this with your children.
For those who are wondering, which movie she dressed up for is, Clockwork Orange. Isn't this too cute?!
Wow this movie was absolutely boring. The concept of the story was interesting like the girl's best friend falls in love with her friend's husband. And there's that seductive husband's young friend who seduces the wife. I don't know I just didn't like how it was directed though. I would give it 1/5. I wouldn't recommend this movie.
Oh my goodness, this movie is definitely creepy and crazy. When I said crazy, I meant the concept of this movie. BPD as known as Borderline Personality Disorder, so it's based on that. And the main girl which is Kim Hye Soo is playing the role of BPD and she gets hypnotized. There's romance, but the romance is corrupted because the doctor hypnotizes her but has this obsession towards her, lust. This movie is very dark. I don't really like dark movies especially when I'm in a good mood. The ending was fucked up and creepy though, very sad, but WTF seriously omg. I was wondering why in Korean, the movie is called "No Face Woman" then you will realize it why it's called that way. The English title isn't misleading at all, although I like the No Face Woman better. I would give this, 4.5/5 stars. There's a lot of sex scenes though.... a lot.
The way this movie was directed and the cast was very good in my opinion. I would give this movie 4.5/5. Although I am somewhat confused with the ending? The waking part was really confusing, but I'm glad the movie ended that way. It was a good ending though. The story itself was good as well. I am not good at giving proper review, so I'll just say this movie was good. More like dark movie. When there's money, there's a devil playing its trick.
Does anyone know about Aileen Wuornos? It's really sad. I don't know if she's telling the truth about her guilt of killing seven men, but her stories sounds convincing, it's detailed as if she was really there. Either she has a good imagination or any special talent of thinking her way out of things, it looked like she wasn't telling a lie. Although "Monkey" Chinese zodiac signs can be tricky, but I don't think she was trying to trick anyone. She was all laughing and happy whenever she saw Nick who did the documenting for her. It's called "Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer" She didn't look like a mad person laughing. Her laughing didn't even look scary. Her laughing looked more genuine, as if she found this whole thing ridiculous, how she was getting accused over something she didn't purposely do. I just think, in my opinion, that the cops just wanted to get money out of this for sure because she was the first woman to charge of first degree murder? And surprisingly enough, I have watched the movie, "Monster" starring Charlize Theron and Christinna Ricci and I had this slightest feeling that movie was based on Aileen Wuornos. And I checked it up on Imdb, and yes.. it's correct. Charlize really portrayed well looking like Aileen. You guys should check that documentary about Aileen. It's really sad. I usually have no pity towards people who kills people for living, but she sounded more true to her words when she said it was all self-defense. She was just protecting herself. RIP Aileen Wuornos. I would give this documentary, a 9/10 rating. It was worth watching. It was very interesting. 
It tells you a lot about pregnancy when it comes to delivering your child, c-section, water birth, and natural birth. What's the differences and why which ones better or worse. It helped me understand more about this situation. After watching this, I want to try water birth. Although I hate the pain of suffering from my stomach and vagina. I'm most likely going to complain and say I don't want to do this, I just want to get c-section, but my mom told me not to get it. And usually mom knows best, they know what they're saying. My mom had 2 c-section, so she knows what's up. All that drugs the hospitals gave you, that's just harsh I tell you. Not only it suffocates your baby inside, but also bad for your health. I really like how they explained the cost of it too that midwife as known as helping water birth and natural birth, it cost around $4,000 while delivering a child at the hospital cost over $14,000, depends where you are I guess. That's like a college loan right there. I would give this documentary, 9/10.
Heartbreaking, yet admiring and inspiring. I never knew she was such a hard-working artist. She seems like an amazing person. Even if they could have edited some bad parts of her, but I thought they did an outstanding job to make her documentary of her life look pleasing and inspiring. Her crying almost made me cry, it's not nice to see someone who works twice harder than you struggle and cry over something so personal and fragile. I thought she and Russell Brand were such a cute couple, it was sad for them to break up, but they both had reasons. People change is one of the greatest reasons to every people's break up. After watching this, I understand more about her. Although I have never been to her live concerts or met her in person, I don't know her personally, but I feel like she has something in her that she wants to reach out to those who seeks for happiness and curiosity to happiness.