The title seemed amusing. I thought it was alright. Some are cheesy but in funny way. It's a romantic comedy movie. There was some little ghost scene. Nothing horror type though, more like finding your destiny. And the ending was like "OH SNAP!!! O__O!" reaction.
I think this is how the Korean movie, Sunny happened. I think this movie can relate to older women, whose husband was taken away by younger women. My dad too, so my mom could relate to this movie. I wonder if I'll be a cougar, just kidding. Movie itself was just cute and funny. Wives revenging husbands, but in a way of good mannerly way of making good success out of this.
<<<SPOILERS>>> The settings of the movie was greatly well done, but it's lacking something. It made me feel like I didn't want to watch the movie anymore during the movie because I was so confused. Even the ending was confusing. I made sure I focused every words they were saying. I am not planning to re-watch this movie because it was just slow and gloomy. I think the purpose of this movie was, you can't always have the girl of your dreams if you let the chance go. Maybe if he didn't study abroad, he would had been with her still. Maybe if he went to Albania with her, she would've married him instead. I guess this movie was portraying that "If you love someone, you should learn to let go of them to find their new happiness." I wouldn't really recommend this movie though. It's more like those past memories flashback. Cute and romantic, but the movie is so gloomy. Lots of tears and lots of frustration. The title was weird enough, I thought so. I guess it meant he finally get to see what he wanted to say and left with what he wanted? I don't know.. 
The funniest movie ever, omg. I never heard the word "dicks" and "penis" in one movie. I really liked this movie because they're so open with sex and that they make a lot of humor out of it. The movie was definitely the sweetest thing. I think this movie will be considered as my favorite movie. Not all time, but consider my favorite. Cameron Diaz was such a cutie in this one, very good at acting too. Christina Applegate was hilarious too, she and Cameron Diaz really knows how to act like true best friends! I would definitely recommend this movie to my friends! I also loved the choice of music they used in this movie. It wasn't too dramatic, it was just right.
First of all, I missed the Addams Family. I was watching IU's Good Day Music video and there was this scene where she was dressed up as Wednesday. I suppose that was what the music video director wanted to go for. IU's hair and fashion looked like it that's why. I started to miss Wednesday and Addams Family, so I watched some clips, the Thanksgiving scene and her creepy smile. Gladly to know that Netflix had Addams Family Values. It had the Thanksgiving clip and the creepy smile, I didn't know that. It was a good, cute movie. I really loved it. Although Uncle Fester aka Christopher Llyod who was the scientist from Back to the Future, he looked so creepy! Ahh, but he is a loving brother to Gomez Addams. Yes, the special effects are very old school because it's a 1993 movie. I checked to see more info about the guy who played Gomez Addams, his name was Raul Julia and I read that he passed away in the year 1994. How unfortunate. I read on IMDB that he died suffering from a stroke, that is so sad. I was hoping for a family reunion for Addams Family but I guess that will never happen. Is that why they ended the Addams Family movie?? I read that there was a reunion for Addams Family Reunion, made in 1998... the cast is just horrible. No one familiar. Before the cast for Addams Family Reunion was just perfect casting. New one sucks. They need to make a better reunion with Christina Ricci, please make this happen. SOMEBODY PLEASE! I was so shocked to see Joan Cusack, she played a sexy cougar role. I won't say much about her role because that will just explain the spoiler. She just appears as a nanny. I just never seen Joan Cusack in a sexy way, very shocked. I always loved her acting though, that crazy and fun woman. 
One last thing, wow...I just realized Morticia Addams (Gomez's wife), the actress that plays this role name Anjelica Huston. I just remembered that she was also from "EVER AFTER" movie starring Drew Barrymore, the Cinderella movie. The wicked stepmom, she played that. That is crazy! I didn't like the evil stepmom's role at all, but now I like her again because of Addams Family, aww.
I didn't expect this movie to be really good, that is why I avoided this movie at the theater. Very good performance in acting to both Jake Gyllenhaal who played as Brian Taylor and Michael Pena who played as Mike Zavala. 2 cops, like brothers, who has each other's backs. The ending was heartbreaking. I recommend people to watch this. This is about love, protection, courage. Maybe they edit some things out in real life, because this movie was based on a true story. Still, the way the movie was portrayed was just beautiful. That's real teamwork.
I like how the movie started, good choice of music, good way to start the movie. He's hitch hiking to his hometown by getting a ride by a black friendly couple. Finding his childhood best friend who he fell in love with. He has a disorder where he thinks his parents are still alive when they both passed away. He tries to cope with his mentality, his emotions, his feelings towards the girl he loves, which is played by Rachael Bilson. I liked the movie, it was sweet and cute He's very lovable, friendly, and energetic, who loves to juggle and make people laugh. Always wearing pajamas to get around.
Main character's brother, Jimbo who is a banker.
Let me start with WTF HALEY OSMENT?!?!?!?! Is he really gay in real life is what I want to know? He was so good at playing like a gay guy. It's so weird, I am not used to him playing the gay role. What the fuck happened?! LOL okay.. anyways I am not used to seeing him in shirtless, very short shorts gay man. He was very cute and bubbly, but wtf. It was so weird watching him in that role. I have nothing against gay people, it's just so weird. I've known him because of Sixth Sense and AI: Artificial Intelligence starring Jude Law. Anyways back to the movie. The movie was like the overprotective mother and the dysfunctional dad. He seems more normal than his wife though. He fell in love with a gay guy which is Haley Osment's role. The main girl which is the daughter of her overprotective mother. She wants to pursue her dream as a fashion designer, so she struggles reality doing home school and running away. I wouldn't recommend people to watch this, but it was alright. I still don't know why this movie is called Sassy Pants...Maybe the main girl wants to live a sassy life? Why the pants though.. I have no idea........... Ashley Rickards plays the main role. Her acting was that bad either. She was lively, so maybe that's why Sassy.
Dreadful wearing makeup for her High school homeschooling graduation.
Her first party She comes very awkward, trying to manage her social life with her neighbor friend.
Zhang Ziyi was very cute in this movie. Movie was little bit cheesy, but at the same time it was funny and cute. It's a romance movie. She's a novel author and trying to get her book back to business, but she wasn't ready after when she found out her fiance was cheating on her with a gorgeous actress. So she figures out how to revenge her fiance by this guy she met at a party. Ending was cute! I'm still wondering if So Ji Sub really spoke Chinese in this movie, but he was good! Zhang Ziyi's fiance was played by So Ji Sub.
The music in the beginning, how the movie starts is just horrible. Was it cheap quality or was it just bad choice of music? I don't know, it was just annoying. Jenna Tewan looks incredibly sexy here. Channing Tatum's wife is Jenna Tewan. Although she looks sexy, her acting is little off. There was a rock climbing scene and she sounded like a little kid, not enough emotions? Something is wrong when I'm watching this movie. It must be the sound editing, or the script is just awkward. Choice of the music they're playing in this movie is horrible. It's just so very awkward? And the chemistry between the main characters, Jenna Tewan's (MOLLY) and Josh Henderson is awkward as well. They seem like "Oh, hello there" personality, but just the vibe, something's wrong. When you get to after 40 minutes of the movie, he's trying to get all romantic and lovey dovey with her. She tries to help him teach how to be a gentleman and when he's finally giving her the flowers and she's happy, he's all happy... but umm.. what a bad acting there. He acts like a girl... lol. HORRIBLE MOVIE OF ALL TIME FUCKSAKE. Wasted my fucking time over this goddamn horrible fucking cheesy movie. I like romance movies but THEY FUCKING SUCKED. THE WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE SUCKED..