Let me tell you... do I recommend this game to adults? No. Do I recommend this game to children? Yes. I did not like this game at all though. It was too boring for me. If you want better reviews, you can check out bigfishgames.com I don't want to review this crappy game. I can't believe I purchased $3.27 for this. Oh wells, thank goodness it was just part of daily deal, nothing more. I would rate this 1/5. IT WAS SUPER BORING OKAY!?
The graphic weren't that great for HOS game, but it looked like painting so it was beautiful. Like oil painting. I felt like I played this game before years ago but I think I must had playing something similar? Or never made a review. I'll give it a chance to play this game again by purchasing it, but last game I want to play this. I would give the trial, 7/10.
I really like how the hidden object games, each of them have a puzzle in one of the item, there's no skip button on some, but overall I really liked it so far. And yes, I purchased this game. But I will post the preview screenshots of how the game trial images. So far as the game trial, I would give it 8/10. My rating might be different after this game, so we'll see.
Game trials are always fun, but the full version? Not all the time.. it was so fucking boring omg. I was like when is this game over?! I had to pause through this game a lot. There is a lot of Hidden object puzzles, but the story is just like ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not that entertaining. I would give a 2/5, finally rating.
People on bigfishgames website said this game was good, like it had a really good review, but I didn't like it that much. I gave it 2/5. I am not planning to purchase this game. I thought this game was somewhat forceful too, like there's no skip button when you get to the end of the game trial, I thought that was long. It was somewhat creepy, but didn't make me curious enough for what's going to happen next, like the story wasn't all that great.
I thought this game looked interesting. The story itself made me curious. Although I didn't get the chance to play it correctly because I was busy texting my boyfriend about MY FEELS for 30 minutes, wasted 30 minutes on the free trial. I don't remember saying that I didn't like some part of the game. I would give the game trial, 7/10? Interesting story though, something went wrong and people no longer saw colors, just black and white.
Many times I said.. "This game is too slow. OMG I WANT TO GIVE UP" I just didn't like the story of this game. It wasn't interesting at all. The graphic wasn't like wonderful either. I would give this 2/10. Harsh rating I know, I just didn't like it at all.
HOLY SHIT THIS GAME IS CRAYCRAY. I love it. I understand that this game has no hidden object, but it's puzzle solving. I love it! I love how it's 3-D and you can move around with your character. Although I wish that they allowed us to customize our character look. Choose the gender too and name the character too, would've been so much crazy fun! The music and the background plus the quality was very good. DEFINITELY PURCHASING THIS.
My... laptop is good for gaming for good graphic, but not excellent graphics, the game was little bit slow for me, but I LOVED THE QUALITY OF THIS GAME! Definitely planning to purchase this game. I would give it 9/10 for game trial. I like how you can make herbal to save someone. Good music quality, nothing repetitive. The puzzles were hard for me though, I didn't mind skipping them, but of course I wanted to do my best. I never liked the puzzles that had light bulbs where you have to turn all of it at once as possible, really hate that.
The little helper as known as the Imp is super cute ahhh! Looks creepy, but its action is cute. He's little green imp that helps you in the beginning. I only played the trial, but I am planning to purchase this game. Great graphics as well. The puzzles were difficult. I really liked how in the beginning of this game, when you choose how easy, hard, etc you want it to be. There's also one for custom, really helpful for me. I would give this game 8/10. 8, because the puzzles were nerve-wrecking difficult for me that I skipped most of it.