A black man trying to rob me after an Argument gone wrong

What does my dream mean?

My boyfriend and I had a huge argument. It was middle of the night. We were at a borrowed church by a Korean pastor. We went out to leave, but he got in first and left without me. Then a black guy wearing a black hoodie jacket was walking towards me, then I realized I was the only girl in the street in the middle of the night and I'm thinking this dude is going to rob me, so I run towards the middle of the street hoping someone will pull over and help me. The black guy finally comes close in slow motion while taking out his handgun and he wanted my backpack. I told him please not my backpack, then I saw a head light from a car from the distant, but it wasn't driving fast to help me, I was hoping it was my boyfriend or a cop. The black guy was angry and shot the ground to scare me to give me last chance to give my back pack and because I said no, he shot me right directly at my heart... And I woke up with really bad heart pain u____u
May 10, 2013 Friday

My online gaming boyfriend was a lion I think? And his profile said he was from South Korea. I guess he was playing inside Burger King cafe, his contact number was from South Korea's Burger King. I noticed he was from there through his phone number that started with 01-010-******** something something like that. He was protecting me inside a cruise ship. This game felt like real role play game like I was actually there O_O weird dream.
April 25, 2013 Thursday

A Prince that didnt know he was a prince who was raised with the farmers were ridin jet plane and twisted part was beginning of my dream, I thought they got the right prince, BUT king's stepwife didn't want him and wanted her secret son she kept away from the king and swipe her son with the real prince by dropping the real prince at a boarding school. King only saw his son when he was a baby, after that, no and his son was 13 when he got an invitation (kind of like Harry potter). And another twisted part was when the real prince grew up with his future wife (that he didn't know it was his future wife until he got the invitation from the king), she was only 3 years old when he spent 3 years with her. After that he didn't see her for long time. King's security guard said that the real prince will be meeting his future wife which was his childhood friend, but tricked him and put him at the boarding school while the fake prince's gf was supposed to tag along with him, but the queen didn't like her so she eject him on the jet plane while her son was asleep in the next room (they didn't see each other's faces, it was suppose to be a surprise) and the queen made the real prince's childhood female friend to be married to fake prince. So after all growing up and got married. My dream later revealed that the fake prince wasn't real prince. And the real prince grew up as a bodyguard for fake prince just to revenge and tell his future wife the truth 0__0
April 9, 2013 Tuesday

So a guy that looked like Lee Min Ki from Flower boy band group except this man was taller. He really looked like Min Ki though. It's weird because I never had a dream of him before. So he had feelings towards Minkyung aka Claire Park, the girl I know. She fainted due to over working and he was very sad about it. I had feelings for him, but it was just one sided, same goes out to him for Minkyung.

He said that he wanted to rob some money from the yakuza... And that he needed help, so I went with him. He stole a chest full of cash that was rolled with rubber band. Then we went out and I realized I was feeling guilty and scared, so I told him I'll keep one roll of $20's. When we went inside the yakuza building before, it was empty but there was yakuza people in there. I was so scared to go in, so he asked me to wait at the lobby. He went inside and put the money back, but one of the member of yakuza noticed it. He was getting his paycheck and realized he had missing money, that missing money was the roll of money I took. I really liked the dream though, he was protecting me. He held my hands and we ran away together. I remember the boss's assistant or son said out loud "it's this Susan Sung Min Roh that stole the money. Find her and kill her!" So the dream was me getting chased. While we were hiding, he realized he has feelings for me this whole time. He just thought he liked Minkyung because of her innocence. So I went to his work place which was the food court at a carnival, he was one of the cooker. He made me food and told me that he will protect me from the yakuza. Dream ended when I was about to eat the food.
February 7, 2013 Thursday

First dreamed that I dreamed... My family and I were invited to Sarah Kwon's birthday. There were a lot of Jenny's and Sarah's friends. For some reason we were at a castle, I guess Sarah's parents owned a castle. Strangely, I was in middle school and they were in elementary school. My sister went upstairs where all her friends were and all the parents was downstairs eating dinner. We all heard the girls playing hardcore dubstep music for like few seconds. I wanted to check out what it was. Their voices was coming from the bathroom. I think I felt jealous because I wanted to go inside the bath and listen to heavy dubstep with bass. Sarah was outside of it because she wanted to wash her hands from the sink. She told me that I wasn't allowed in because I'm older. No middle schoolers. As she opened the glass door, the music burst, it was just amazing. They had crazy speakers inside. Wouldn't the glass break? But it didn't, it was a very strong glass. It looked like they were smoking weed because it was very foggy inside, but because there's no windows and everyone's breathing inside caused to show foggy inside.

So I went to the sink to wash my hands. Then I thought they can't hear me at all, so I covered my ears and said all these bad things about each of the girl that was inside the bath. I guess I knew their secrets that time and I would just saw awful things out loud. Then I looked up at the mirror and you can see the bath since it was behind me. The girls paused their dubstep music and opened the glass door and heard everything I said...

The girls got out angrily, my sister felt embarrassed, so she told me "You ruined her party!!!" And stormed out the door like the rest. I guess dream ended when I looked down on the bathroom floor, about to cry.

Second dream that I dreamed... when we were little kids. Sean Roh oppa and I were lovers. Weirdly, this was like back in 1800! Then to 1900's I guess, we reincarnated? But we were the same face and same person. We were both running away from something every 100 years of reincarnation. Something wanted to block our fate together. He was trying to protect me because he was the first one to realize that we meet every years and that he has to do something about this. To help us rest in peace and not reincarnate again, not to make us remember sad stories. He wanted to find out the killer. We were with a friend along with Sean oppa. He had a horse and he told me he's going to find some help for us. So he asked us to stay in the snow area. He took the horse when up the hill where there were lots of forest, but I didn't want him to go alone. I felt like he was going to get lost too and something danger will happen. After he disappeared into the forest. I held the little boy's hand that I was with and as we were trying to get up. A scary old man stopped us, then he start to say "Princess, quickly! Master got caught! We need to save him!" Then I realize Sean oppa and I had a butler. I don't know why I would be called Princess though... I guess it all started out with a castle. Kind of reminds me of Vampire Knight. Kaname and Yuki. Since Sean oppa and I have both same last name spelling. Dream ended when he got arrested by the pirates :( The pirates were planning to kill them. I told oppa to let's run. Dream ended.

It's such a sad dream U_U
February 3, 2013 Sunday

We went to Disneyland with my family and my boyfriend and I won 9 million dollars from lottery ticket in Disneyland. I tried not to be too excited, but I was shocked and somewhat happy. I went to the bank with my mom since I had no ride. I had to go there because to get the lottery money, I needed to go to the bank to get the money.

The bank manager was wondering why my ID name and the lottery ticket was different. I told them that my boyfriend said I could name my English name when I enter the lottery name. I even told myself that I'm not going to win for sure, but it's crazy that I won. The bank manager and the lady worker looked like they didn't believe me, so I took out my phone and I told them that I have proof that my English name is Vivi. I showed them the Facebook account. And the bank manager saw that I looked like I was about to have tears. He looked at me, as if he was trying to observe whether I was lying or not, but he believed me.

He was going to let my mom that I won the lottery, but I told him not to tell my mom about it. And he agreed. As I was waiting to know the total of money I'm getting. He said that there's tax. So $9,000,000 equals to $6,000,000. I was little said that it had to be to 3 million dollars taken away. At first the bank teller guy said, $5,400,000 and I didn't like that, so I asked him "are you sure that's how much I'm only getting? That doesn't make sense?" So he recalculated in his head. He said it was $5,400,000 without checking it on the computer. He thought he knew the answer, but found out it's 6 million dollars and he apologized. I was thinking whether to put it inside my BECU bank. But it's safer to put it in bank, that's what I thought. But what if? I put the money inside my place. Just hide the stash? That's what I thought. But I put all of the money inside the bank.

After this dream, I wasn't sure if it was linked to my second dream or not, but it felt like it because I was in Korea and I was spending some money from my lottery ticket. I was there with my mom and my sister only. We were enjoying our stay there too. Everything went well until something happened. Terrorism coming from Saudi Arabia.

I think I dreamed this because I know someone from there and she told me that the parents reported the media or government to block some Kpop music videos. I guess it's because of distractions, they don't want their children focus on kpop that's very famous? Like G-Dragon for instance.

Anyways, I dreamed this because Saudi Arabia was getting jealous with South Korea. Saudi Arabia was saying stuff like Koreans are stealing the spotlight of fame in history and if they get rid of all of the Koreans in South Korea, then Saudi Adabia could have their chance of the spotlight. Their weapons were tons of different kinds of heavy lifted guns.

Everyone was scared, everyone as in the residents of South Koreans. They weren't even prepared for evacuation either or get the military. I went looking for my sister, but I couldn't find her. She was basically on her own with her female friend. I was with my mom. I didn't have a gun, but I had a katana sword with me. I bought a very sharp katana sword in Korea. It was expensive and I was losing money from my bank just for protection from the terrorist. They were riding their motor boats. I guess they came with a ship too? I didn't see it though.

I was inside a building with my mom. There were others there, crying. I just had my debit card in my hand, just in case I needed more money. I was afraid that te building we're in. I felt like we were going to get raped eventually by the male Koreans because there were lots of girls. So I thought if I drew tons of big moles all over my face with my brown eyeliner, maybe they won't try and rape me because I could look hella unattractive? But I didn't. They didn't rape us because the terrorist got inside the building. So one by one, they were coming inside. I told my mom to stay in the room. I was downstairs to the entrance. I slashed a lot and killed them by stabbing them with my katana sword. I thought I would be afraid, but I wasn't, strangely. I never learned any sword technique in the first place, so it was weird coming from me. I guess to protect someone you love and care, you have to go crazy just to protect I guess.

I killed a lot of them that I lost count. I started crying and was telling myself.. How can this happen when I won a lottery? Then I realized, this could be a dream. So I got up with my katana sword and looked around, blood shed everywhere on walls and the floors. I kept telling myself. This is just a dream. Just a dream.

I closed my eyes. I woke up to real life, but when I realized it was just a dream. It was around 5am when I woke up. I told myself that after few minutes, I should go back to sleep. I drank some Aloe Vera juice because I was dehydrated.

I went back to sleep, I woke up inside my dream. I woke up from a bed in Korea. I realized I'm back to the same dream and this time I saw my sister. She looked at me and told me that she dreamed about Saudi Arabia terrorizing South Korea today. I widened my eyes and told her that I dreamed the same thing too. Or maybe I didn't tell her because I was choked up with fears. My mom was there too. She asked my sister where the dream started to happen. She said the beach near the city of Busan. It was windy and chilly, but I saw the sun, so it was somewhat chilly and warm. I was about to tell my mom about my dream until we saw the terrorist on their boats on their way. They were far from us, so it was going to take awhile. Somehow the military found out and the military leader, my dream went to his point of view and he was cussing while saying "Fuck! We need time to set our soldiers to the beach!! How are we going to do this before they arrive here. We don't have so many soldiers!!"

Back to my point of view. We saw an empty building and my sister thought we can hide there. My mom agreed, but I told her that's a stupid idea because it's right in front of the beach. That building is probably going to be the first location. I thought I had my katana sword with me, but I realized I didn't. Not even my lottery money... But I didn't have time to be sad. I just had to run away far from Busan. Even I didn't have my katana sword and my lottery money with me. I was happy I had my sister and my mom with me this time. The dream ended when we were trying to find our way out. I woke up and first thing I'm doing is typing on Weebly. I published some since my app on iPhone could turn off abruptly due to the issues lately -_-;;

I'm getting hungry.. Maybe cereal? Organic rice milk with TRIX cereal sounds nice. Although I'm craving for subway again or Chipotle Mexican Grill burrito Bol. It's weird how I am craving for something little spicy or salty taste. Maybe I'll play Bigfishgames!!

How I looked when I was typing this down.
Me without glasses, just for fun xP
January 22, 2013 Tuesday

So I dreamed our son died after he turned 15... He was coming back from school and got hit by a car and died :( I was crying a lot and felt miserable. I even felt like I was re-living this dream for reals. Detailed by detailed, day by day until 15 years. I even tried to give my baby son breast feed when it was born. But I wasn't doing it right, that's what my mom said. So she did it correctly for me. I even saw our son go to Kindergarten, to elementary school to middle school then to high school. The same day our son died. I went to downtown and saw a little 5 year old girl, looking lost and found out that she was homeless. So I took her in and she even called me Mommy. I raised her until 10 years old, something bad was happening. We were getting chased by a big ass robot, tall as the space needle tower. It wanted to kill me and our adopted daughter. I remember our last location was at a forest near a white-colored factory. We did made it to the safe location and we also got saved by some bunch of guys who wanted to sacrifice themselves for us in order for our survival???? So I woke up from my dream and I called and talked with my mom and she said that she was thinking about why I dreamed of 2 candies for my dad and she laughed and told me 2 candies which is 2 stepmoms as in my dad thought these 2 women (stepmom) he met were sweet. And dad's death meant something like after 2 stepmom, my life will get better. And the losing son dream after 15 years. She said that my mom and my dad's divorce has been 14 years now. So she thinks after a year later, something good is going to happen for me. But she didn't go details of why it has to be a dead son. I'm not sure why dead son has to do with real life parents divorce years. Maybe because that's my situation right now and dream was telling me something good will happen?
January 16, 2013 Wednesday:

I dreamed that Destiny got adopted by an American parent in America, but she went missing after an avalanche and so we went looking for her. They hired an investigator find them. So many questions they asked, so many answers they've answered. The mom especially really missed her. She adores her very much. The dad was crying as well. They were explaining how she was a very smart, talented young girl. The investigators wanted to see some pictures of her, but for some reason when the mother of Destiny was opening the photo album, it was more like a scrapbook, as she was showing us, we saw 3 Asian girls, but the faces were cut off and faces were little bit difficult to see, and the pictures were placed in a funny, moving paper like creatively made. There were more pictures, but she didn't want to show that since the pictures looked more goth and mature looking. She said that Destiny was into makeup and goth a lot and showing the pictures without Destiny's permission could embarrass Destiny. The investigators couldn't find Destiny, so the parents cried even more. So I went to go look for Destiny myself. As I was going to this town full of Koreans. I saw a huge wall that was blocking a way. It was tons of boxes, so I climbed up to try and over the wall of boxes. It was so tall, more like 6 stories high. As I made it, there were bunch of Christians, and they were trying to find bunch of Christians video tape. As I look down, I realized there was bunch of craps all over the boxes. One funny lady who was telling jokes and was trying to entertain the lady was out of balanced and made a wrong move by pulling out a big hard white board. She and I came falling down slowly, so it wasn't painful. I came down, forgot to search for Destiny. But I found Taeyang from Big Bang and his crews that weren't Big Bang members. They were more like gang members. They tried to make a group together by inviting people to their concert. Taeyang was enemies with G-Dragon. The dream was just dark and eerie. It wasn't scary though, but the only part of the dream I was scared of was, Taeyang. He asked me to help set up his mini local concert. People were lining up for it already to see Taeyang. I tried to go in, but I woke up from my dream.
January 13, 2013 Sunday:

Kim Dao from Soompi was updating her Tumblr by answering the questions that her fan asked. One of the fans asked her if she has ever met Kwak Min Jun and she said, "A lot of people think me and Kwak Min Jun are dating. Ahh, I really miss Korea..!" For some reason, I didn't read to see if she was saying yes or no about her relationship with Kwak Min Jun. For some reason this dream was considered as a nightmare that I woke up at 5:30am because of it. I woke up with a stomach pain and felt irritated. Now I'm in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, hoping poop is trying to come out. Anyways I saw that the guest room was empty. Yoonsun unnie left. I'll miss her! She was so much fun! So much positive energy coming from her especially when she's lot older than me. She went to the airport with her sister and brother-in-law and I think her parents went too, I'm not positive. I hope she has a safe trip back to South Korea! And that she will find a job smoothly since she graduated last year.
January 10, 2013 Thursday Dream:

I dreamed that me and my boyfriend went on a honeymoon (I think...). As we were at the hotel's lobby. Someone left their jacket, camera, red scarf, and across the items, I saw 2 or 3 white paper bag with items inside on a round white table. At first, I thought it was like a gift from the hotel, so I took one since it seemed like the bags were not being watched? So I just took it off from the table as my boyfriend called me and said "Let's go." We got inside the car. I looked inside to see what was inside the bag, there was red tissues surrounding the items. I saw a wrapped plastic box. It seems to me it was supposed to be a tablet camera. It was cool. The tablet looked like a diary. When you open it, there's 2 side. Left side to view how you will look when taking picture in tablet size like iPad. Right side was supposed to show how the picture will look, but you can also view it in camera view. You can also fold it so the camera view won't face each other, and the person you want to take picture can see how they're going to look when taking pictures. Plus recording video as well. Also, I remember when I was at the hotel's lobby, I bought a red Canon Powershot camera, so when I was waiting for my boyfriend and before when I got the surprise bag, I was sitting on the white long, cut-out bench. I was testing to see how I would look, but for some reason I got the one where I can see how I will look when taking the Powershot picture like the iPhone selca. I really liked the results too. I was wearing a red trench coat and my hair was dark brown, long, and wavy. So when we got into the car, we drove to downtown, head to the big parking garage along with the other people's cars. We were trying to find a parking space, but a lot of them were full, so we went to the one where there's lots of snow on the ground, plus it was wet and icy. It was dangerous from what I remember because the parking lot was kind of uphill/downhill. But we managed to park our yellow car. He, then asked me where I got the surprise bag and I told him I found it on the table. He was concerned and asked if it was owned by anyone. I sat there, suddenly feeling guilty and thinking, maybe I shouldn't of taken the surprise bag? What if the owners were looking for their expensive surprise paper bag filled with electronics. Dream ended when we got out of the car. I woke up around late 3am.