1. Open up any media player and put it on shuffle

2. Answer each question by posting the song title (And band, if you want)


4. Don't cheat and try not skipping over any questions

5. No classical orchestra music or instrumental music as the song title.

1. If someone stole your favorite item, what would you yell out of anger?

Answer: "Push Push" by Sistar

2. You trip and fall in front of your crush, they say?

Answer: "Chocolate Truffles" by Clazziquai

3. A moment of disappointment hits you, what do you mutter?

Answer: "Dancing in a Minefield" by Plushgun

4. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Answer: "Dear Boy" by Lee Hyori

5. What's the best way to describe your closest friend?

Answer: "Ich liebe dich (I love you)" by Schnuffel

6. Best movie of all time?

Answer: "Mamma Mia" by Narsha

7. Best make-out spot to take someone?

Answer: "Fuck You" by Lily Allen

8. A song that would play during a wicked torturing of your enemies?

Answer: "PDA" by John Legend

9. A theme song that would play everytime your parent(s) enter a room?

Answer: "Wanna Be Starting Something" by Michael Jackson

10. You're walking home and you find 20 bucks, what do you say?

Answer: "Here I Come" by G-Dragon

11. Your Theme song?

Answer: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cindy Lauper

12. The end of the world is near, your reaction?

Answer: "I Don't Wanna Live Without You" by Chicago

13. A good song to kill to?

Answer: "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel

14. Someone broke your heart, what will you do now?

Answer: "파도 (Waves)" by UN

15. Your make-out song?

Answer: "She Is" by Clazziquai

16. You punch someone in the face, what do they cry out?

Answer: "Help Me" by Miss A

17. A rock is thrown through your window with a note on it. It says?

Answer: "Rhinestone Eyes" by Gorillaz

18. Someone compliments you on something, your reply?

Answer: "Easy (Buffetlibre Remix)" by Dragonette

19. What does the world and everyone in it think of you?

Answer: "Islands" by The XX 

20. An opening fight scene song?

Answer: "No One's Gonna Love You" by Cee-Lo Green

21. If you where one of the 7 sins... which would you be?

Answer: "Don't Cry" by Park Bom

22. Your favorite bedtime story?

Answer: "Criminal" by Fiona Apple

23. The song you'll make your husbund/wife dance to when you get married?

Answer: "Numbers Don't Lie" by the Mynabirds

24. You and a friend are trapped on an island, how will you decide leadership?

Answer: "We Run This" by Missy Elliott 

25. How will people remember you when you're dead and gone?

Answer: "Over The Rainbow" by Park Ji Min

1. 12 bedrooms and 11.5 restrooms (For my mom, Pumba's mom, my sister, my dad, 3 guest rooms, boyfriend's, our 2 future children, my room, and me and Pumba's room.) 

2. 5 Kitchens with Kitchen Islands
3. 3 living rooms
4. 4 Sauna tubs
5. 2 Swimming Pools
6. Flower Garden
7. Vegetable garden and fruit garden
8. 3 Library Rooms
9. 10 Garage doors
10. 8 Storage rooms
11. Samsung 9000 Series Smart TV 75" in all 12 rooms
12. 15 Phone Lines
13. Victorian Era furniture and Ikea furniture
14. 2 Boat Garage
15. 10 Guest Parking Lot
16. 2 Bars
17. 6 Balconies (Along with Balconies desk)
18. 1 Playground (6 swings, 2 slides, 1 monkey bars,
19. 4 Picnic Tables
20. 6 Windows Seat-Bed
21. 4 Dedicated Shoe Closet
22. 2 Porch Swing Daybed
23. 1 Mini-Beach Fire Pit
24. 1 Fireplace porch
25. 2 Outdoor Kitchen
26. 8 Multiple Shower-Head System
27. 2 Basement
28. 8 Master Closet Room
29. Blue Marbled Tile Floors in all Bathrooms
30. 5 Antique Crystal Chandeliers
31. 4 dishwashers
32. 2 Wine Caves
33. 5 Laundry Rooms (For both washer and dryer)
34. 4 Freezer Storage Rooms
35. 1 Computer Room (For the kids)
Big City Adventure Tokyo (♥)
Big City Adventure: Paris (♥)
Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders (♥)
Build-a-Lot: Fairy Tales (╳)
Burger Shop 2 (♥)
Cooking Academy (╳)
Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood (♥)
Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman (╳)
Dark Canvas: A Brush with Death (╳)
Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope (╳)
Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers (♥)
Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Collector's Edition (╳)
Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition (♥)
Death Under Tuscan Skies: A Dana Knightstone Novel (♥)
Death Upon An Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightsone Novel (♥)
Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper (♥)
Echoes of the Past: The Revenge of the Witch (╳)
Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief (♥)
Fallen: The Flowers Of Evil (╳)
Farmers Market (♥)
Farmington Tales (♥)
Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart (♥)
Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town (╳)
Gardens Inc (╳)
Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga (╳)
Grim Tales: The Wishes (♥)
Haunted Legends: The Undertaker (╳)
Motor Town: Soul of the Machine (♥)
Mysteries of the Mind: Coma (╳)
Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor (╳)
Mystery Trackers: The Four Aces (♥)
Nanny Mania 2: Goes To Hollywood (╳)
Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn (╳)
Nightmare Realm: In the End (♥)
Otherworld: Omens of Summer (♥)
Phantasmat: Crucible Peak (╳)
Phenomenon: City of Cyan (♥)
Reality Show: Fatal Shot (♥)
Sable Maze: Sullivan River (╳)
Shiver: Moonlit Grove (♥)
Spirits of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur (♥)
Surface: The Noise She Couldn't Make (╳)
Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn (╳)
The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital (╳)
The Dark Side of Notre Dame (╳)
The Invisible Man (╳)
Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa (╳)
Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma (♥)
Timeless: The Lost Castle (╳)
Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville (♥)
Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty (╳)
Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (♥)


You Know You’re a cat sign if:

  • Feel comfortable in social situations
    and being alone. You have the ability to 
    alternate between the two.
  • Never want to settle down or be
    committed to one person or one thing.
  • Listen to yourself and
    don’t care what others think.
  • You are kind and helpful.

Most compatible:

  • Goat
  • Pig


  • Tiger
  • Cat
  • Snake
  • Monkey
  • Ox
  • Dragon
  • Horse

Least compatible:

  • Rat
  • Rooster
  • Dog

Personality Traits (Positive):

  • Good judgement
  • Creative
  • Cautious
  • Conservative
  • Talented
  • Ambition

Personality Traits (Negative):

  • Superficial
  • Self-Indulgent
  • Stubborn
  • Mood Swings

Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility
(Me & my boyfiend, Pumba)

When this pairing consists of Tiger man 
and a Rabbit woman, he appreciates someone 
sweet to come home to, while she enjoys his glamour. When courting, she appreciates the romance and 
poetry of the budding relationship. If Tiger is in love, it serves him well to take it slow and gentle. In return, Rabbit will do all she can to remain enticing and interesting. Tiger can set Rabbit on a pedestal, 
which she adores. This will help her loosen up.

Rabbit and Sheep compatibility
(Me & closest friend, Grace Peng)

Chinese Rabbit and Sheep are a great match. 
They are both compassionate and happy. 
They both are willing to give support to each other. 
They are a very compatible pair, 
offering each other lots of tenderness and passion. 
Both can be rather anxious, so they should get 
used to the idea that there will be highs and lows 
in their relationship. They may also end up feeding 
off of each others' moods, making what was a 
small problem into something worse.

Rabbit and Horse compatibility 
(Me & My Sister)

Chinese Rabbit and Horse have different 
expectations out of life. This may make a close relationship between them difficult. 
Horse loves a good time but really isn't into 
commitment. They may consider Rabbit's 
love of home to be boring, unusual and stifling. 
Rabbit wants a relationship full of support and love. 
They need a partner who can bolster them up. 
Horse's need for independence can 
make Rabbit feel abandoned.

Rabbit and Oxen Compatibility
(Me & closest friend, Parker Choi)

Chinese Rabbit and Ox are extremely compatible. 
They can easily have a relationship built on warmth, compassion and trust. They have a lot in common 
like enjoying quiet nights at home that keep them both cuddled up and happy. Neither one really like crowds and is much happier staying with their friends and family.

Rabbit and Rat compatibility 
(Me & closest friend, Justin Park)

Chinese Rabbit and Rat make great friends; 
they are not so hot when they are in an intimate relationship. Rabbit is shy and retiring while 
Rat wants to be the center of attention and have adventures. Even though they can have quite a bit of passion between them. Rabbit tends to hold 
back a bit, causing Rat to wonder why. 
If both partners can overcome these differences, 
they may be able to make it work.


People born under the sign of the rabbit are gentle, sensitive, compassionate, amiable, modest and merciful, and have strong memory. They like to communicate with others in a humorous manner. They cannot bear dull life, so they are good at creating romantic or interesting spice. They are soft-spoken and welcoming, being fond of peaceful love life. They hate arguing with capacity of converting an enemy into a friend. They are homebody and hospitable, and like house fitting-up.  They can work with speed and efficiency, do not insist and get angry easily. 


They lack meditative abilities and often sink money into ideas that may cause failures in their career. They are amorous and not determined, soft in appearance and stubborn inside. They usually do not submit to dreary life, but create romance. They are not good at delving deeply and likely to escape the reality. They may lose good chances because of reserved personality. 


Even though Rabbits don’t usually get visibly upset or stressed, they do tend to keep these feelings inside. When they don’t express these feelings, such feeling can cause Rabbits to become ill. Rabbits could benefit from more everyday activity which would reduce their stress levels and better their health.


Rabbits are very sexual, but tend to give more of themselves than they should. This can lead to unrealistic expectations and unhealthy situations. Rabbits need partners who won’t take advantage of their giving nature. Such pairings will be strong.


Rabbits are articulate and good communicators which is why friends and acquaintances seek out their advice. It’s also why Rabbits make excellent diplomats and politicians. Other good careers for Rabbits include: writer, publisher, actor, fashion designer, therapist, doctor, administrator, public relations, and teacher.
A rabbit's home is always a beautiful one cause Rabbit people are famous for their artistic sense and good taste. They are also usually well-dressed. Go check out your Rabbit friend's closet, I bet you will find many expensive and beautiful clothing there.

  • But even though they are popular and loved by their friends and family, rabbit people are also pessimistic. They are conservative and insecure, and that explains why most of the them don't like changes.
  • Calm as they are, it is not easy to provoke Rabbit people. They don't like to argue and enjoy quiet, peaceful lives. They are also sentimental and compassionate. Yes, and they cry easily too. They can be moved by personal problems you share with them. Therefore, if you work as a salesman for a living, you will have much better luck with rabbit people - Nine out of Ten Rabbit people will definitely buy your products!
  • Call them cautious or call them timid, rabbit people will undertake nothing before they have weighed the pros and cons from every angle. And that is probably why rabbit people are doing well in their work. And yet, unless they abandon their conservative nature, and become more aggressive, they will probably live a very normal, and average life.
  • They can be great partners in relationships. Romantic and sweet, faithful too, rabbit people never lack of suitors. . Male rabbits are sometimes picky, and perhaps not a family man. And female rabbits should probably spend less time admiring themselves in front of the mirror and spend more time with friends.
  • The Rabbit is the happiest sign of the Zodiac -- gifted, nice to be with, discreet, refined, reserved, ambitious but not too much so, and virtuous in the bargain. Nobody ignores Rabbits, for they are good company and know how to make the best of themselves. Unfortunately, however, Rabbits are superficial and their good qualities are superficial also.
  • The Rabbit is a social creature, tactful, cool, and sensitive to others. Yet this calm can become aloof, the sensitivity can be quirky and thin-skinned, and the intelligence can become dilettantish. The Rabbit is lucky -- with brains and only a little hard labor, the Rabbit can go far.
Style as well as an eye for beauty are especially associated with this group whose members possess refined tastes together with artistic skills. Highly creative people, art is of particular interest to them. Because of the Rabbit's built-in acquisitive nature, many become great collectors, filling their houses with beautiful paintings and objets d'art. In whatever walk of life Rabbits find themselves, they will always be distinguished by this sense of refinement and their cultured views. Elegant both physically and intellectually, Rabbits will always stand out from the crowd either as extremely stylish dressers or because they create an individualistic fashion statement of their own.

There is usually something offbeat and mysterious in the Rabbit's makeup, as though he held the secret to some great truth that he dare not reveal. It must be remembered that the Rabbit's apparent weakness can easily be changed into strength -- from man to magician to god.

Though Rabbits are sensitive, sentimental creatures, emotional and easily moved to tears, when it comes to committing themselves to a long-term relationship they can be quite mercenary. Their driving passion is a desire for an easy life, filled with as much comfort and luxury as they can get. Thus they are more likely to show their allegiance to someone who will not only provide security and stability but who will also guarantee as much of la dolce vita as possible. But to give them their due, once they have found the right partner they make faithful husbands or wives, devoting themselves to their families and to their homes. By the way, their sensuality usually ensures that the Rabbit family will be a large one.

Speaking of vulnerability, it is not easy to pick yourself up off the floor when a relationship goes bad. It takes a long time for those wounds to heal.  You are comfortable letting your partner take the lead in most matters; however, you do have a strong passive-aggressive side as well. In other words, you have your ways, and can even be quite cunning, in getting your partner to do your bidding using indirect approaches. A night at the theater and dinner at a fine restaurant will indeed bring out your romantic side.
  • Rabbits, like their animal counterparts, are quite calm people who do not exhibit aggressive behavior and will avoid confrontation at all costs. When angry about something, a Rabbit will approach it calmly and considerately, hardly ever raising her voice or becoming visibly annoyed. Because of their serenity, Rabbits seem to miss things, whether they are confrontational in nature or not. However, the Rabbit is quite keen and pays close attention to the situations developing around her. She is intelligent and quick and can talk himself in or out of most situations with no problem.
  • The Chinese Rabbit is one of the most stylish creatures of the Chinese Animal Signs and finds interest in different cultures. She is classy and sophisticated, and can be found adorning one of the latest fashion magazine cover looks. Rabbits also like artistic ventures, such as painting and music and are generally quite present in these worlds. They love top express themselves, which is evident when joining them at home for a function or a cup of coffee.
  • Fire Rabbits adds an unspoken magnetism and mystery to the Rabbit. These creatures have a burning desire to get out there and live life to its fullest. They are active and adventurous and love anything that sparks their creativity or curiosity. They can throw tantrums here and there, if provoked, but most of the time they work very hard to avoid conflict or unpleasant confrontations. Fire Rabbits are charming and tend to push their emotions into the backs of their minds, but will speak up if necessary.
  • With health, Rabbits are apt to be sensitive to ailments and to have bad allergies. Stress or conflict will detriment the Rabbit’s health. Exercise could take off unnecessary stress and strengthen the Rabbit’s physical condition, but he tends not to work out regularly. Rabbits have to learn to incorporate more action into their everyday routines.
  • At home with rabbit. A Rabbit will become depressed and withdrawn if her home does not consist of beautiful possessions that make her comfortable. They are extremely organized and the best way to throw a Rabbit off is to remove something from its sitting place. They are so orderly and their homes and offices so clutter-free that it is sometimes a point of humor with their friends. Rabbits are modest in their decorating choices and choose different shades of green such as sages and turquoises.
  • Money and the Rabbit. Rabbit people are usually relatively careful when it comes to their finances. And that lucky rabbit foot didn't just come out of nowhere…Rabbits are pretty lucky folks! They use much of their money for possessions such as their homes, cars or furniture. They would rather invest their money in gadgets and things than in the stock market. They love hunting for antiques, arts and crafts and will tend to make sound investments in these types of things.
  • Rabbits make excellent as therapists, psychiatrists, writers, doctors, masseurs, teachers, publishers, designers, actors, musicians, administrators, PR agents, fashion designers. 

Likes and dislikes

  • Color preference: Pale Green
  • Gems and Stones: Crystal, Emerald, Pearl
  • Rabbits dislike: Touchy-feely people, disorganization

The Rabbit on Vacation

Rabbits love to indulge in different cultures and spend a lot of their lifetimes trying to find inner peace. Sensitive and careful by nature they would be just as happy shopping for hidden treasures at the local flea market or yard sale to display in their delicately decorated homes. Rabbits tend to want to travel to traditional places such as Europe and Asia when they have time off. In addition, taking a course to release their creative energies such as photography or instrument lessons would make the Rabbit feel well-rounded and accomplished.

Rabbit Parents ad babies

    • Many Rabbit people have large families. The Chinese say this is due, in part, to them being the sign of fertility. Despite the record-breaking number of children any Rabbit person may have, the happiness of his partner and family is essential to his own well-being. Although they love their children intensely and take care of them quite affectionately, sometimes Rabbit parents can come off as looking uninterested or distant. Still, Rabbits are so defending of their children that they often appear strict and overbearing.
    • When their children are little, Rabbit parents will dress them in cute little outfits and will insist they act mild mannered and politely. Rabbits often find themselves wrapped around the tiny fingers of their kids and will do anything for them, too make them happy and to keep the peace. Rabbits despise arguing with their children, as conflict makes them quite uncomfortable, and they will avoid it at all costs. Rabbits will always be there for their children and will help them even as they grow and mature. They find themselves there for their kids throughout their lives.

Rabbits family relationship compatibility

  • Rat (엄마 & Boyfriend's dad): a bit of incongruity (disagreeing)
  • Ox (아빠): Pretty supportive
  • Tiger (학민오빠 & My boyfriend): Conflicting views
  • Horse (친동생 Jenny): Not much communication
  • Dog (윤선언니): A deep commitment
  • Pig (윤명언니): Stable and loving
  • Rooster (경원오빠): Argument prone

The Rabbit lover

The Rabbit lover would never dream of wearing her heart on her sleeve. The Rabbit seems aloof, yet underneath is sensual and loving - a tough facade protects a tender interior. Rabbit folk are romantic yet realistic, generous yet mercenary. Rabbits are strongly Yin and, whether male or female, are in tune with the feminine part of their psyche. Their mothering instinct compels them to nurture others, and they have an innate love of home and family.

Rabbit with Marriage

Rabbits are easily moved to tears through words, thoughts and actions. They are deeply sensitive people who shun conflict. Rabbits tend to be a little moody and are sometimes influenced by the friends they have. Despite their cool exterior, they have a reputation for being very sexual and intimate beings. Although they may go a little crazy in their youth, they will commit themselves readily to a partner for life.