March 2, 2013 Saturday

I was editing my weebly blog because I just found out about tags!! Now I have ways to organize my blogs! I was beginning to worry about that.

I'm wearing my leopard bathrobe, nothing underneath except underwear. My poop is coming out well which is good heehee. I ate some fermented kimchee and cereal (soy milk and Fruit loops with marshmallow). I was looking at my Facebook to read comments, I don't understand why Felicia always have to go against what I'm trying to point out.. I guess not going against, more like she's very opposite? Makes me wonder her blood type LOL! I thought type B because she reminds me of Stephania Cheng a lot .___. Makes me wonder if Breanna Cunningham is blood type B then? I don't know... She's the dominant blood type, which is good!! But not always good, sometimes it needs to be balanced. I like Breanna's opinions more than Stephania's and Felicia's though lols. I don't think Breanna is type O for sure. She's very straightforward. She thought the post I made on Facebook thought it was about her when it wasn't, she was very direct. Type O can be direct, but not in that way. Type B and AB are alike though. They are both direct with their words, very straightforward. Type O says they are straightforward, but they just pretend to be.

Anyways!! I haven't post worldcosplay photos added to my tumblr lately because I got lazy? Or maybe it's because there hasn't been really good cosplay photos lately. I should try and post little bit though because people are relying on me, I mean 1,200 followers! That's more followers than my main Tumblr!

Okay, pee.. Come out =__= then I would be finished. It's taking— oh nevermind. Well that was little bit. When I pee little, my body usually tells me I'm not done pooping.

I just realized blood type vs. colors is by the inexperienced and experienced. Well that's interesting! Although type A remain as same colors forever, while type O likes different colors depends on their mood. Type B doesn't like single colors, they like lots of colors. Type AB usually likes simple yet sophisticated color! I don't know 100% about what AB do with colors, I should research more about this.

Okay my legs are cold and I can hear the frogs croaking all the way from the bathroom, say whaaaat?

Oh it's 3:00 AM exactly. I told my boyfriend I was going to sleep at 3:00 AM.. Should I sleep? What about cosplay photos? I should keep my word, right? I mean the more I want to expect my boyfriend to keep his words, I should do it too. Yeah I'll sleep U___U I'LL TRY TO SLEEP!!
January 13, 2012 Sunday:

I'm trying to poop here, but it seems like it won't come out, sadly U_U; It's 5:49am at the moment. I'm tilting my head down to see my iPhone while pressing on the key letters, so my neck kind of hurts. It makes me think if I can make a future toilet. If only I was that kind of genius where I can build something of my own by using my creativity. A comfy toilet would be so relaxing. I think the reason why I have hard time pooping is because the toilet seat is cold, hard, and white color (not even creative). For some reason I love black colored toilet, classy style is what I love. My right arm is about to hurt. I think it's because of the position I'm in.

I wonder if my boyfriend's sister, Yoonmyung unnie is crying because her older sister is going back to Korea. Even though they had their little disagreements with something, here and there, they had a lot of fun time going somewhere together. I prefer to shop alone, but having a friend to shop is fun I guess. So I can see what kind of fashion style they like? But I can handle going alone, it doesn't bother me a lot.

So, here I am, trying to force myself to poop. Well that hurts a lot just trying to force it. Stomach cramps, they are horrible. Maybe I'll use bidet and press the cleaning button, so it can squirt out warm water to help relax my butthole (Sorry, TMI). Doesn't that sound rather naughty? Hehe. Not trying to sound naughty intentionally. The button from the bidet is called Rear Cleansing Sitz Bath. I think it's kind of working. I feel my poop inside my butt hole? Or not... I need to focus. But here I am, typing every second what I am thinking while trying to force out a poo out of my butthole. Lovely, just lovely. Not a lovely sight, but hey! People think a lot when they're trying to poop. I was going to title this as "Random thoughts" but I should type "Toilet thoughts" it sounds more funny and creative.

So I'm staring at our bathtub, staring at Axe Phoenix (33% more) revitalizing shower gel. That thing smells really good. My boyfriend uses it and he smells good afterwards, kind of strong though. I don't Iike strong smell that makes me feel dizzy. I'm sort of allergic to the scent of the perfume, only to the typical type ones where it smells too strong, can't describe... Maybe chlorine? I don't know how people use that stuff.

Well bidet didn't work well, maybe I'll try it once more and if it doesn't work. Going back to sleep.

[ 6:15 am ]
I've tried bidet, it worked, by little, but still at least some came out. And wow after little poop, I'm super hungry. I didn't eat a lot for dinner that's why. We went to Thai Bistro and boy, did I not eat so much. I got the usual, Phad Thai. It was level 2, but it was spicy for some reason. I think they mistook what my boyfriend said, he said level 3 on the Pad See Ew. I got to drink my Thai iced tea though, it was delicious! — like always! I'll probably eat cereal. Soy milk with Lucky Charms, mates (Is that Irish talk too?)!