January 16, 2013 Wednesday:

I dreamed that Destiny got adopted by an American parent in America, but she went missing after an avalanche and so we went looking for her. They hired an investigator find them. So many questions they asked, so many answers they've answered. The mom especially really missed her. She adores her very much. The dad was crying as well. They were explaining how she was a very smart, talented young girl. The investigators wanted to see some pictures of her, but for some reason when the mother of Destiny was opening the photo album, it was more like a scrapbook, as she was showing us, we saw 3 Asian girls, but the faces were cut off and faces were little bit difficult to see, and the pictures were placed in a funny, moving paper like creatively made. There were more pictures, but she didn't want to show that since the pictures looked more goth and mature looking. She said that Destiny was into makeup and goth a lot and showing the pictures without Destiny's permission could embarrass Destiny. The investigators couldn't find Destiny, so the parents cried even more. So I went to go look for Destiny myself. As I was going to this town full of Koreans. I saw a huge wall that was blocking a way. It was tons of boxes, so I climbed up to try and over the wall of boxes. It was so tall, more like 6 stories high. As I made it, there were bunch of Christians, and they were trying to find bunch of Christians video tape. As I look down, I realized there was bunch of craps all over the boxes. One funny lady who was telling jokes and was trying to entertain the lady was out of balanced and made a wrong move by pulling out a big hard white board. She and I came falling down slowly, so it wasn't painful. I came down, forgot to search for Destiny. But I found Taeyang from Big Bang and his crews that weren't Big Bang members. They were more like gang members. They tried to make a group together by inviting people to their concert. Taeyang was enemies with G-Dragon. The dream was just dark and eerie. It wasn't scary though, but the only part of the dream I was scared of was, Taeyang. He asked me to help set up his mini local concert. People were lining up for it already to see Taeyang. I tried to go in, but I woke up from my dream.


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