January 22, 2013 Tuesday

So I dreamed our son died after he turned 15... He was coming back from school and got hit by a car and died :( I was crying a lot and felt miserable. I even felt like I was re-living this dream for reals. Detailed by detailed, day by day until 15 years. I even tried to give my baby son breast feed when it was born. But I wasn't doing it right, that's what my mom said. So she did it correctly for me. I even saw our son go to Kindergarten, to elementary school to middle school then to high school. The same day our son died. I went to downtown and saw a little 5 year old girl, looking lost and found out that she was homeless. So I took her in and she even called me Mommy. I raised her until 10 years old, something bad was happening. We were getting chased by a big ass robot, tall as the space needle tower. It wanted to kill me and our adopted daughter. I remember our last location was at a forest near a white-colored factory. We did made it to the safe location and we also got saved by some bunch of guys who wanted to sacrifice themselves for us in order for our survival???? So I woke up from my dream and I called and talked with my mom and she said that she was thinking about why I dreamed of 2 candies for my dad and she laughed and told me 2 candies which is 2 stepmoms as in my dad thought these 2 women (stepmom) he met were sweet. And dad's death meant something like after 2 stepmom, my life will get better. And the losing son dream after 15 years. She said that my mom and my dad's divorce has been 14 years now. So she thinks after a year later, something good is going to happen for me. But she didn't go details of why it has to be a dead son. I'm not sure why dead son has to do with real life parents divorce years. Maybe because that's my situation right now and dream was telling me something good will happen?


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