February 7, 2013 Thursday

First dreamed that I dreamed... My family and I were invited to Sarah Kwon's birthday. There were a lot of Jenny's and Sarah's friends. For some reason we were at a castle, I guess Sarah's parents owned a castle. Strangely, I was in middle school and they were in elementary school. My sister went upstairs where all her friends were and all the parents was downstairs eating dinner. We all heard the girls playing hardcore dubstep music for like few seconds. I wanted to check out what it was. Their voices was coming from the bathroom. I think I felt jealous because I wanted to go inside the bath and listen to heavy dubstep with bass. Sarah was outside of it because she wanted to wash her hands from the sink. She told me that I wasn't allowed in because I'm older. No middle schoolers. As she opened the glass door, the music burst, it was just amazing. They had crazy speakers inside. Wouldn't the glass break? But it didn't, it was a very strong glass. It looked like they were smoking weed because it was very foggy inside, but because there's no windows and everyone's breathing inside caused to show foggy inside.

So I went to the sink to wash my hands. Then I thought they can't hear me at all, so I covered my ears and said all these bad things about each of the girl that was inside the bath. I guess I knew their secrets that time and I would just saw awful things out loud. Then I looked up at the mirror and you can see the bath since it was behind me. The girls paused their dubstep music and opened the glass door and heard everything I said...

The girls got out angrily, my sister felt embarrassed, so she told me "You ruined her party!!!" And stormed out the door like the rest. I guess dream ended when I looked down on the bathroom floor, about to cry.

Second dream that I dreamed... when we were little kids. Sean Roh oppa and I were lovers. Weirdly, this was like back in 1800! Then to 1900's I guess, we reincarnated? But we were the same face and same person. We were both running away from something every 100 years of reincarnation. Something wanted to block our fate together. He was trying to protect me because he was the first one to realize that we meet every years and that he has to do something about this. To help us rest in peace and not reincarnate again, not to make us remember sad stories. He wanted to find out the killer. We were with a friend along with Sean oppa. He had a horse and he told me he's going to find some help for us. So he asked us to stay in the snow area. He took the horse when up the hill where there were lots of forest, but I didn't want him to go alone. I felt like he was going to get lost too and something danger will happen. After he disappeared into the forest. I held the little boy's hand that I was with and as we were trying to get up. A scary old man stopped us, then he start to say "Princess, quickly! Master got caught! We need to save him!" Then I realize Sean oppa and I had a butler. I don't know why I would be called Princess though... I guess it all started out with a castle. Kind of reminds me of Vampire Knight. Kaname and Yuki. Since Sean oppa and I have both same last name spelling. Dream ended when he got arrested by the pirates :( The pirates were planning to kill them. I told oppa to let's run. Dream ended.

It's such a sad dream U_U


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