May 18, 2013 Saturday

Ideas of what people should make for future contest. If I was rich, I would make contest like the ideas I'm going to think of. And just maybe, I might end up making this happen! The requirements to enter this contest is purchasing 99 cents for After Light app to edit photos, you have to be 12 years and older. A website for all users over ages of 16. You must send a picture of your ID card along with your date of birth, full name and home address to participate. Every country is allowed to join the contest. They must create a Vamp account to join. Must upload their real face picture. Make a video so Vamp can do approvals of what you would do if you had enough money in your bank storage from your account. State your honest opinion. No one will find out what your reasons are. Make the video intro along with the reasons why you need the money, maximum time is 2 minutes. Everyone who wins will win with USD currency. A VAMP card will be issued to you, it will be your money card with your ID card picture. Your account number will be 6 digit numbers with your username before the number digits. You have to customize your profile and the questions they asked. You can hide your answers if you want.

If you post irrelevant picture that's not related to the requirements of the contest, you get 3 warning levels. 3 warning levels, you have to pay a penalty fee of $100. You cannot use black and white or gritty effect. You may use black and white picture if the contest requires you to.
  1. Take a best photo of your favorite cold Starbucks drink in a really pretty/cool/amazing background (landscape or colorful walls, etc), cannot add letters or cannot use flash camera or people in it. You can use filter with After Light app with your smart phone only. No professional cameras. 1st place wins $500. 2nd place wins $100. 3rd place wins $20. And 50 random lucky winners will receive $5 for participating.
  2. Take a best photo of your favorite foot long sandwich next to the subway staff who made your sandwich. They can make any face expression, not the whole body shot, just the shot of their face. 1st place winner wins $100, 2nd place winner wins $50, 3rd place wins $5, 100 random lucky winners will win $1 for participating.
  3. Take a picture of your favorite restaurant during daytime, use the good effect and write a review of the restaurant. It cannot be your own restaurant or someone you know or friend's restaurant. Edit the image with 140 characters review. Type the name of the restaurant and its city location. Take a picture of 2 of your favorite food. Take one picture of your favorite dessert. Turn it into a professional collage with only 1px border.
  4. Take a picture of any random handsome stranger who looks good looking. Ask him to stand next to a background you might think he woul look good next to. He can't be your friend, he has to be a stranger. He cannot be your family/relatives. And ask him two questions: 1. What's his native race, 2. What's his favorite ethnicity cuisine. The questions of interview, you must answer below the images you uploaded to the contest. Winner for 1st place wins $100, 2nd place wins $50, 3rd wins $10. 10 lucky random winners will win $1
  5. Take a picture of your favorite fruits, choice of 3 only. A human cannot be seen neither animals, just fruits and an interesting, unique background. 1st place wins $200, 2nd place wins $100, 3rd place wins $20, 50 lucky random winners wins $5.
  6. Take the funniest DERP photo of you and your friends. 1st winner wins $250, 2nd winner wins $100, 3rd winner wins $25, 100 lucky random winner wins $2.
  7. Take a really good photo of a place by using only black and white shot, just places only. People can be in it, but not your friends. Just random people or any building that will bring nostalgic to people's thoughts. 1st winner wins $500, 2nd winner wins $150, 3rd winner wins $50, 50 lucky random winners wins only $5.
  8. Do a video tutorial on cooking your latest creation for healthy food, be creative and the video limit is only 5 minutes. You must announce your username and have yourself shown in the video making it. Someone cannot make it for you. Also take a picture of the final result. Winner of the first place wins $1,000, 2nd place wins $500, 3rd place wins $100, 50 lucky winners will win $20.


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