January 10, 2013 Thursday Dream:

I dreamed that me and my boyfriend went on a honeymoon (I think...). As we were at the hotel's lobby. Someone left their jacket, camera, red scarf, and across the items, I saw 2 or 3 white paper bag with items inside on a round white table. At first, I thought it was like a gift from the hotel, so I took one since it seemed like the bags were not being watched? So I just took it off from the table as my boyfriend called me and said "Let's go." We got inside the car. I looked inside to see what was inside the bag, there was red tissues surrounding the items. I saw a wrapped plastic box. It seems to me it was supposed to be a tablet camera. It was cool. The tablet looked like a diary. When you open it, there's 2 side. Left side to view how you will look when taking picture in tablet size like iPad. Right side was supposed to show how the picture will look, but you can also view it in camera view. You can also fold it so the camera view won't face each other, and the person you want to take picture can see how they're going to look when taking pictures. Plus recording video as well. Also, I remember when I was at the hotel's lobby, I bought a red Canon Powershot camera, so when I was waiting for my boyfriend and before when I got the surprise bag, I was sitting on the white long, cut-out bench. I was testing to see how I would look, but for some reason I got the one where I can see how I will look when taking the Powershot picture like the iPhone selca. I really liked the results too. I was wearing a red trench coat and my hair was dark brown, long, and wavy. So when we got into the car, we drove to downtown, head to the big parking garage along with the other people's cars. We were trying to find a parking space, but a lot of them were full, so we went to the one where there's lots of snow on the ground, plus it was wet and icy. It was dangerous from what I remember because the parking lot was kind of uphill/downhill. But we managed to park our yellow car. He, then asked me where I got the surprise bag and I told him I found it on the table. He was concerned and asked if it was owned by anyone. I sat there, suddenly feeling guilty and thinking, maybe I shouldn't of taken the surprise bag? What if the owners were looking for their expensive surprise paper bag filled with electronics. Dream ended when we got out of the car. I woke up around late 3am.


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