This movie was cute, funny, and somewhat dramatic. I don't really like drama movies, but I really liked this one. It was like those realistic dramatic movies over family relationship between a mother and a daughter. After parent's divorce, their bonding is so cute and there are moments where they it's just love and hate. Demi Moore portrayed as a mother really well. It wasn't like awkward at all, same with Miley Cyrus, playing the daughter of Demi's was very great too. At first, the acting of Miley Cyrus was little off, but it got better and I enjoyed watching this movie! It was surprising to see Ashley Greene in this movie, she was too, alright with the acting, although she played as an attention whore. I didn't think this love-drama story was cheesy either, it was just so cute. I'm not sure who directed it, but whoever directed this movie did a good job.


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