I love how the movie wasn't so typical, trashy, messy. It was just like luxurious style of vampires. So much better any vampire movies I've seen so far. I guess I like this vampire movie the most out of all the vampire movies is because power of women plus it reminded me of the movie, Mean Girls where there's the blond leader (except she's a lesbian), the fierce vampire, the silly vampire, and the noobie who's adjusting as a vampire. So much better than "Interview with the Vampire" no offense to the Interview with the Vampire fans. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt both makes hot vampire in vintage style, but these Vampire girls, in any era, I think they would look perfect! I wish this movie was made into a TV show. I would definitely watch it then. Behind the lives of the 3 sexy vampires and show how they became vampires. I really liked the ending too. I didn't think any negative thoughts about this movie at all. Great acting, great performance, great cinematography!


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