I wanted to watch this movie because Kirsten Dunst was in it. I didn't know the geeky girl name Janis from Mean Girls was in it, her real name is Lizzy Caplan. I need to try and remember her name. Isla Fisher was also in this movie and that fat girl that we've been seeing a lot. It's kind of sad that I had to remember her as that blonde fat girl. Oh wow I did not know her name was Rebel though. Rebel Wilson, what a pretty odd name. I think her name would be easy to remember, I mean Rebel Wilson, wow LOL interesting. Anyways, this movie reminded me of Bridesmaid except Kirsten Dunst who plays the best friend of Rebel's role named Becky and also played as maid of honor. She finds out that Becky is going to get married first and Kirsten Dunst's role, Regan started to panic. Regan thinks getting into good college and a husband who graduated from med school would make her get married first, but she was wrong. Then she reunites with her 2 other best friends, Katie (Isla Fisher) and Gena aka Genny (Lizzy Caplan) to help make this wedding happen, but something unfortunate happens to Becky's wedding dress, so they try to fix it by meeting people to people, places to places. It's funny, lots of inappropriate languages. I thought this movie was cute, plus cute ending too. Like it wasn't too typical or too cheesy, it was just cute and funny!


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