What's the plot of this movie? Like the movie titled says, Summer school. Teens who have driving problems, troubled with football, fanatic with Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, a pregnant teen, and a student who daydreams a lot, etc. Movie was entertaining than I thought. It's so chilled, laid-back, less strict. A gym teacher was supposed to go to a trip to Hawaii with his girlfriend, but he couldn't go because he was chose to be the teacher for summer school. The original teacher for the summer school ditched it, he won the lottery of $50,000. Kirstie Alley was cute in this movie, she was teaching honors students who volunteered to be in that class, she appeared very charming like always. And I was surprised to see the guy from NCIS. The actor's name is Mark Harmon. I was like "Okay, this guy looks very familiar." Then I looked up IMDB.com and there he is, NCIS. He still looks same as before, just gray hair now. It was my first time seeing him in this role, not so serious, but relaxed and chilled. He had to bribe his students to make them study, funny too.


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