Zhang Ziyi, greatest performance with dramatic acting. I've never seen in her such a gloomy state of acting. Although Memoirs of Geisha is considered dramatic acting, but this movie is a lot of tears. I expected twisted endings, but the movie was obvious. I wasn't disappointed, they made this movie, beautifully, just the way it should had been. Jang Dong Geun, I was amazed with his skills in acting too. I have not seen a lot of his movies, but I'm very impressed with his charming acting skills. I had no idea Chinese movies are made beautifully. I think the way it's directed is more appealing than Korean movies. I'm Korean myself, I don't have a high pride of my country, so I can say I am open to any type of foreigner movies and say who makes best directing and producing. The way they portrayed a player trying to seduce a widow woman was widely great. I wouldn't mind watching this movie again too.


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