Let me start out with the music = over dramatic. It just didn't match some of the scenes, felt like they were overdoing it. I never watched a Korean movie taken place in Philippines before, so it was interesting to see this movie. I wanted to visit Philippines someday, so it was cool to see this movie, felt like I was there as a foreigner. 6 different people visits Philippines for the first time, good and bad things happen for both of them. One's a married couple, second one is a singer (Eugene from S.E.S.) and random traveler guy, and third one is Soojin (Blood type O Capricorn traveler who ran away from his family, basically running away from her problems) and Scorpio blood type A businessman who came to Philippines to see his dad's passing. It's a love story, just little dramatic with the music especially the business man scene. I thought the movie was bit long though. Like I don't mind if the movie is long when it's really good, but it was kind of not that great.


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