I remember watching Chinese movies like art. I know most of them is based on martial arts, but it's just so beautifully made. Although the movie was 2 hours long, it was worth it all. Such a beautiful supernatural love story. I never really had a favorite Chinese movie before, I think this movie will be my first. I don't know much history of Chinese actress/actors, but the director picked the right person, I think so. The movie was happy and sad in the ending. I loved the ending though. The love story between the Sister fox demon and her lover who had a wife, but could not abandon her reminded me of Vampire Knight like the part when the Pureblood princess fell in love with a human and she turned him into a vampire. She kind of reminded me of her a bit. The movie makes you think, which parts does it relate to. I thought the movie somewhat related to Parents Trap or It Takes Two, where the Sister fox demon and the Princess Jing switched spots. It also reminded me of "The Little Mermaid" where Ariel wanted to be human and Ursula said she wanted Ariel's voice. The Sister fox demon wanted Princess Jing's heart. I really loved the movie. I give it 5/5!


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