Let me start with WTF HALEY OSMENT?!?!?!?! Is he really gay in real life is what I want to know? He was so good at playing like a gay guy. It's so weird, I am not used to him playing the gay role. What the fuck happened?! LOL okay.. anyways I am not used to seeing him in shirtless, very short shorts gay man. He was very cute and bubbly, but wtf. It was so weird watching him in that role. I have nothing against gay people, it's just so weird. I've known him because of Sixth Sense and AI: Artificial Intelligence starring Jude Law. Anyways back to the movie. The movie was like the overprotective mother and the dysfunctional dad. He seems more normal than his wife though. He fell in love with a gay guy which is Haley Osment's role. The main girl which is the daughter of her overprotective mother. She wants to pursue her dream as a fashion designer, so she struggles reality doing home school and running away. I wouldn't recommend people to watch this, but it was alright. I still don't know why this movie is called Sassy Pants...Maybe the main girl wants to live a sassy life? Why the pants though.. I have no idea........... Ashley Rickards plays the main role. Her acting was that bad either. She was lively, so maybe that's why Sassy.
Dreadful wearing makeup for her High school homeschooling graduation.
Her first party She comes very awkward, trying to manage her social life with her neighbor friend.


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