The music in the beginning, how the movie starts is just horrible. Was it cheap quality or was it just bad choice of music? I don't know, it was just annoying. Jenna Tewan looks incredibly sexy here. Channing Tatum's wife is Jenna Tewan. Although she looks sexy, her acting is little off. There was a rock climbing scene and she sounded like a little kid, not enough emotions? Something is wrong when I'm watching this movie. It must be the sound editing, or the script is just awkward. Choice of the music they're playing in this movie is horrible. It's just so very awkward? And the chemistry between the main characters, Jenna Tewan's (MOLLY) and Josh Henderson is awkward as well. They seem like "Oh, hello there" personality, but just the vibe, something's wrong. When you get to after 40 minutes of the movie, he's trying to get all romantic and lovey dovey with her. She tries to help him teach how to be a gentleman and when he's finally giving her the flowers and she's happy, he's all happy... but umm.. what a bad acting there. He acts like a girl... lol. HORRIBLE MOVIE OF ALL TIME FUCKSAKE. Wasted my fucking time over this goddamn horrible fucking cheesy movie. I like romance movies but THEY FUCKING SUCKED. THE WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE SUCKED.. 


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