First of all, I missed the Addams Family. I was watching IU's Good Day Music video and there was this scene where she was dressed up as Wednesday. I suppose that was what the music video director wanted to go for. IU's hair and fashion looked like it that's why. I started to miss Wednesday and Addams Family, so I watched some clips, the Thanksgiving scene and her creepy smile. Gladly to know that Netflix had Addams Family Values. It had the Thanksgiving clip and the creepy smile, I didn't know that. It was a good, cute movie. I really loved it. Although Uncle Fester aka Christopher Llyod who was the scientist from Back to the Future, he looked so creepy! Ahh, but he is a loving brother to Gomez Addams. Yes, the special effects are very old school because it's a 1993 movie. I checked to see more info about the guy who played Gomez Addams, his name was Raul Julia and I read that he passed away in the year 1994. How unfortunate. I read on IMDB that he died suffering from a stroke, that is so sad. I was hoping for a family reunion for Addams Family but I guess that will never happen. Is that why they ended the Addams Family movie?? I read that there was a reunion for Addams Family Reunion, made in 1998... the cast is just horrible. No one familiar. Before the cast for Addams Family Reunion was just perfect casting. New one sucks. They need to make a better reunion with Christina Ricci, please make this happen. SOMEBODY PLEASE! I was so shocked to see Joan Cusack, she played a sexy cougar role. I won't say much about her role because that will just explain the spoiler. She just appears as a nanny. I just never seen Joan Cusack in a sexy way, very shocked. I always loved her acting though, that crazy and fun woman. 
One last thing, wow...I just realized Morticia Addams (Gomez's wife), the actress that plays this role name Anjelica Huston. I just remembered that she was also from "EVER AFTER" movie starring Drew Barrymore, the Cinderella movie. The wicked stepmom, she played that. That is crazy! I didn't like the evil stepmom's role at all, but now I like her again because of Addams Family, aww.


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