It tells you a lot about pregnancy when it comes to delivering your child, c-section, water birth, and natural birth. What's the differences and why which ones better or worse. It helped me understand more about this situation. After watching this, I want to try water birth. Although I hate the pain of suffering from my stomach and vagina. I'm most likely going to complain and say I don't want to do this, I just want to get c-section, but my mom told me not to get it. And usually mom knows best, they know what they're saying. My mom had 2 c-section, so she knows what's up. All that drugs the hospitals gave you, that's just harsh I tell you. Not only it suffocates your baby inside, but also bad for your health. I really like how they explained the cost of it too that midwife as known as helping water birth and natural birth, it cost around $4,000 while delivering a child at the hospital cost over $14,000, depends where you are I guess. That's like a college loan right there. I would give this documentary, 9/10.


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