Netflix Summary for Starlet | Rated R | 1HR 43 MIN

Jane, a 21-year-old slacker, finds $10,000 stashed in a thermos she buys at a garage sale. Unsure what to do with the money, she begins spending time with Sadie, the elderly widow who held the garage sale. Note: this film contains explicit content.

My review for Starlet

Story plot: 10/10
Casting: 10/10

Sadie is the elder who lives alone in the house surrounded by her garden and trees. Jane is girl who was trying to find some items from the yard sale to brighten up her room with used decorations. Then she finds money from the thermos. Ask yourself, what will you do if you found $10,000 from the yard sale item. It's not yours and it's someone's else money. Are you going to return it or are you going to use the money? Jane uses some money, but she also doesn't spend the rest because she starts to feel guilty. She wants to know more about this old lady's life, what's her background, her story, help as a good Samaritan until she can get some answers and their friendship builds each day as she tries to get this story. It's really cute. At first, I was like... how is this going to be directed? Movie was well-directed, I thought so. Also the acting looked so much like natural then just scripted as well. I expected what was going to happen, but it never happened the way I expected, which I like, I love surprises anyways. I would recommend you to watch this movie! :) 


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