Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility
(Me & my boyfiend, Pumba)

When this pairing consists of Tiger man 
and a Rabbit woman, he appreciates someone 
sweet to come home to, while she enjoys his glamour. When courting, she appreciates the romance and 
poetry of the budding relationship. If Tiger is in love, it serves him well to take it slow and gentle. In return, Rabbit will do all she can to remain enticing and interesting. Tiger can set Rabbit on a pedestal, 
which she adores. This will help her loosen up.

Rabbit and Sheep compatibility
(Me & closest friend, Grace Peng)

Chinese Rabbit and Sheep are a great match. 
They are both compassionate and happy. 
They both are willing to give support to each other. 
They are a very compatible pair, 
offering each other lots of tenderness and passion. 
Both can be rather anxious, so they should get 
used to the idea that there will be highs and lows 
in their relationship. They may also end up feeding 
off of each others' moods, making what was a 
small problem into something worse.

Rabbit and Horse compatibility 
(Me & My Sister)

Chinese Rabbit and Horse have different 
expectations out of life. This may make a close relationship between them difficult. 
Horse loves a good time but really isn't into 
commitment. They may consider Rabbit's 
love of home to be boring, unusual and stifling. 
Rabbit wants a relationship full of support and love. 
They need a partner who can bolster them up. 
Horse's need for independence can 
make Rabbit feel abandoned.

Rabbit and Oxen Compatibility
(Me & closest friend, Parker Choi)

Chinese Rabbit and Ox are extremely compatible. 
They can easily have a relationship built on warmth, compassion and trust. They have a lot in common 
like enjoying quiet nights at home that keep them both cuddled up and happy. Neither one really like crowds and is much happier staying with their friends and family.

Rabbit and Rat compatibility 
(Me & closest friend, Justin Park)

Chinese Rabbit and Rat make great friends; 
they are not so hot when they are in an intimate relationship. Rabbit is shy and retiring while 
Rat wants to be the center of attention and have adventures. Even though they can have quite a bit of passion between them. Rabbit tends to hold 
back a bit, causing Rat to wonder why. 
If both partners can overcome these differences, 
they may be able to make it work.


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