February 23, 2013 Saturday

My mom picked up her boyfriend from the airport, after that, she came home around 5pm and slept until 7:10 pm, then we went to Alderwood mall with Minkyung. We parked at JC Penny parking lot, then went inside The Limited store, clothes were quite expensive, then went to Wet Seal and I end up buying a necklace, it was pretty! After that I needed to use the restroom, so I went inside JC Penny restroom then went to different stores with my mom, then she wanted to just go to the food court and wait there since she wanted to use the restroom as well. So I was just looking around Love Couture store, then it was almost 9 pm, I got hungry, so I went to the food court where Minkyung and my mom was waiting for me next to Panda Express. I ordered Charley's Subs for me and Minkyung. Got regular Philly Cheesesteak Deluxe and large Spicy Buffalo chicken sandwich along with large fries and large soda. The fries tasted so good that we finished eating it under the parking lot of the AMC theater. We were going to watch the movie, but the trailers we watched from my iPhone looked not that great, so we just came home. I wanted to watch a Korean movie, so I'm watching 'The Naked Kitchen'. Triangle love, Mo-Rae has a fling towards her husband's friend who came from France.


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