March 2, 2013 Saturday

I ate the brownie that made me feel super lazy plus super sleepy and end up waking up at 6pm... NOT COOL. We decide that I don't eat that anymore. It was delicious though, tasted more brownie than the tree itself. I guess it was more like "light" but deadly "tree"

We went to eat at Pho. I ate Medium size pho tai while my boyfriend just drank Taro bubble tea with mango jelly. He ordered rainbow jelly, I guess the guy thought my boyfriend wanted mango jelly since he said mango bubble tea first until I said mango is not that great (it's too sweet..). I drank honeydew melon bubble tea. This time I got the side of onions, I realized how strong their onions has gotten, omg I did not like it at all. I'm thinking if it's because I didn't add enough like and maybe I didn't sriaracha sauce like how I usually did!

I wanted to go to Barnes and Nobles, but it was getting late anyways. Boyfriend was saying stuff like how he could have done something active if he didn't keep waking me up.. He sounded like it was blaming me. If you give a guilt trip to someone, that becomes "blaming" I wasn't happy at all when he said that. I realized he makes me feel guilty a lot. Like with financial and my health issues. He's probably doing it on purpose -___- this is what happens to girls who are not attractive to men, they tend to blame the girl by its unattractive face. No kidding, how shallow men can be -__-.

Went to Walmart to buy crangrape and mountain huckleberry ice cream, original lay chips, orange crush hubba bubba gum, wheat thins crackers and cheddar goldfish crackers. Total came around up to $50.XX+

Came home to watch new TV show to watch. We gave up on "The Walking Dead" we tried "arrested development" it wasn't that great in my opinion, maybe because it wasn't that catchy plus I wasn't really paying attention. I wasn't paying attention because how it wasn't catchy.. I saw what was happening, we watched like 3 episodes? It was short that's why. We tried to watch the pilot episode too, "Baby Daddy" was it? That one felt like everything was rushing, or tried too hard to be funny or bad acting. Story sounded interesting? But not THAT interesting. Watched the movie of "Futurama" where the one eyed Alien purple hair girl .. Was her name Lela? .__. Layla? Forgot, anyways she went mad and wanted to win the competition where she could bring danger to the crew and the ship. She did end up breaking the ship. The doctor or scientist baldy old man who owns the ship was mad because she wrecked the ship when the gas fuel was full lol. Basically trying to save money, the dark matter fuel was running out. Boyfriend end up sleeping on Futurama, so 15 minutes of the movie, I woke him up and we went to sleep early.. I couldn't really see what time I slept. Right now it's March 3, 2013 Sunday. I am typin' my journal late — again.


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