March 3, 2013 Sunday

We tried to drive to Paint the Town at the University Village, but Apple maps took us to the wrong place... Took us pass the ALKI beach. It was funny, but my boyfriend was angry, he was hungry, and I was too, so we both were somewhat cranky. I was more cranky, I was tired, I woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. We left around 10 minutes before 12pm? There was hella traffic though trying to get back to the freeway. Boyfriend said there was an accident in Mercer Island? Like on the way? I didn't see no accident though. Our exit was 168B, we found the place just fine.

We arrived there and first thing we saw was Blue C Sushi, I wanted to try something new, but I was hoping the sushi place is more cheaper... But the California rolls were like $3? Or was it $3.50? Can't remember. I ate California rolls and shrimp tempura rolls. Total came around $26?

After the sushi, went to use the restroom, it was decently clean, but very weird and LOUD OMG.. I guess the restroom was supposed to be like inside a subway? WTF I mean WTF LOL! Maybe it was for people who wants to poop really loud, so they made the sound effects of the subway train super loud. It was kind of scary though. 2 stalls and the restroom was small, kind of crowded, but cute lit rounded orange mirror.

Went outside and decide to browse the shops. We went to the 'Fireworks' store. Kind of reminded me of Fuego store. Makes me wonder if Fuego supposed to mean 'Fireworks' we found interesting items at that shop. Also there's a crepe shop outside the store, near a cafe where we drank hot chocolate and cappucino. There was an Italian restaurant near the cafe and crepe shop. Plus it didn't have my favorite Nutella with bananas crepe ;A; it was called Tokyo- something something.

There wasn't much fun place to go there, it's pretty big though, it had H&M store and apple store, reminds you of Alderwood mall, but better. We also bought black shoelaces for my green shoes, so much better!! Green shoelaces were too short, it was super annoying!

Then we went home. Boyfriend gave me shoulder massage. I was too tired, so I slept around 5pm? And woke up at 8pm because my sister tried to FaceTime me, bad connection. She said she was visiting my mom in Seattle for 3 days next week. Wednesday to Saturday. So she asked me to come and I asked my boyfriend and he said "sure"

Went back to sleep afterwards, woke up around 11pm because my hand was placed on my boyfriend's private part.. I had a scary dream that's why... And woke up to that LOL
TRAFFICCC. We thought this was the exit, but it led us back to the freeway /facepalm/ apple maps...
Sardine chocolate XD


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