March 9, 2013 Saturday

We drove to Seattle downtown, we parked at Pike Tower Parking lot, for weekend, it was $7 flat, so it was a good price, but very tight space, it was dangerous to get up and go down. We had to park in the "D" parking lot.

Then we walked to Pike market, it wasn't far, so that was good. It was only like less than 5 minute walk, but there was a lot of people walking alongside us. First thing we did was we ate at this food court area, I ate the teriyaki beef stick again, same with Yoonmyung unnie. My boyfriend ordered the meatballs stick. After eating, we walked into a Native American store, nothing special really, they were pretty much antique. I wanted to buy something there, but there wasn't something that'll intrigue me. We left the area and just went to store by store at the bottom floor of Pike Market. We head to the magic store and did the Madame fortune teller. It cost us 50 cents. Luckily I had enough quarters to do it for me, Yoonmyung unnie, and my boyfriend. My card was right, I thought my boyfriend's car was right, but he said he wasn't lol. Type A have hard time realizing their flaws or traits because they're leaning to be perfect.

After that, my boyfriend got hungry, so we head out of the market and went to the nearby cafe and restaurant. I got this Chinese food, kind of vegetable mixed with meat hot bun, it was very soft and poofy. Then we went to this smoothie shop, I got a very raspberry smoothie and my boyfriend got fruitage smoothie, it had interesting flavor, but the taste wasn't that strong. I really liked mine, although mine wasn't really strong fruity taste ice either, but it was decently good. Cost like $5.50... Expensive.. Since mine was small. Yoonmyung unnie didn't want to get anything. She should try and appreciate food even though she says she's on diet and wants to eat good food. Sometimes in life, it's good to eat something delicious. The smoothie we drank were naturally made, real fruits!

Then we head to this Pear Deliccatsen (sp?) cafe store? Boyfriend got this Champion Rueben sandwich and OMFG IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!! The meat was corned beef, didn't know that meat would be that delicious. Also Yoonmyung unnie got this sandwich... Forgot what was her called, but it had salami meat. We were going to eat at the park, but we were afraid of the homeless people staring at us for some food. So we ate in there.

We finished the food and walked to the Pike park area, we saw that people were eating their food too XD! And this time, lesser homeless people, which was good. Less weird odor scent. Then we went back to the market, boyfriend saw the sweater that I wanted to get. It's the one that says Seattle words on the sweater. I got something better, it was blue and it says Starbucks first coffee, along with the words Pike Public Market and Seattle!!! Yayyyy :D and it had a hoodie attached!

We walked through the market and got out of the seafood section, then head to the 3 floors Target store because Yoonmyung unnie needed to use the restroom. I think that's why she didn't want to drink awhile ago because she needed to pee? Not sure. I mean why would anyone want to pass on the natural fruit smoothie drink? I also peed too and my boyfriend too. It was in the middle floor. Then we went to bottom floor because my boyfriend wanted to drink something. He got Monsters energy drink and I got Naked green while unnie just got sparkling water (she got sparkling water by accident after check out). She bought it for us because she said it was cheap as in low price that she can buy it for us. We had to go uphill to go to Pacific Place mall. We were kind of lost, but got to our location. We didn't really browse any stores, we just sat down near the AMC movie theater. We just relaxed and talked. Oz movie was playing, but he and his sister was tired :( BUMMER! Movie would had been perfect! Oh wells.. We were trying to go down the escalator, but we saw the minion character from Despicable Me. I took a picture of it and we went down the elevator to the lobby. Then we went to our car and drove straight home.

When we arrived home, boyfriend and I watched "Bob's Burger" the episode was about Bob wearing a nice clean suit that was belong to a Dead person's suit. Mort give it to him. And everyone starter complimenting Bob for wearing the suit. His son (which I forgot his name, oops) dropped 3 of the flour sack which was meant to be babies, but he failed it. He found a bidet toilet that talks and tries to take good care of it. It was a cute episode! I love all Bob's Burgers! If I were to choose which show to go on forever, between Family Guy and Bob's Burger, I would say Bob's Burger. Not kidding! I love how awkward, paranoid, dreamer and weird Tina is! How crazy, wild, fun their mom is. And how their daughter in bunny ears (forgot her name too) is just adventurous and daredevil! Bob's son who is just unusual, funny, and cuddly XD and the dad (Bob) who's trying to be responsible and says the word "Oh God" a lot. Hehehehe :D

After the episode of "Bob's Burger" we watched a little Cleveand show, it was playing automatically. Boyfriend was telling me how he doesn't like that show. For me, I didn't mind watching it. He explained to me how it looks just like Family Guy, but characters look different. I don't agree it's the same, but still it's funnier if you're black, but if you had lots of black friends before, you can understand the humor! Although Seth Macfarlene isn't black.... <___<
At dinner around this time to get Subway sandwiches
Weebly online blog fucking sucks. Keeps getting crashed! FUCK! Maybe I should just make my own fucking blog!


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