June 10, 2013 Monday

Today, my heart hurt so much that I couldn't talk afterwards U_U I had to type in my phone number on my iPhone 4S for the B&N cashier to show the our B&N registered phone number. I was happy that we went out at least. That argument about the laundry was pointless, especially me... Who gets so sensitive. I always feel useless when people start asking me to do the laundry. First of all, I am allergic to laundry's lint. And for some reason, my heart feels a lot of burden when I do laundry. It's not heavy... Maybe it's because I was traumatized with the past that involved laundry. So sad... Okay I should stop talking about it.

The books I took at B&N looked interesting. Planning to purchase them someday!

For my boyfriend and his sister, Yoonmyung
Looks so tasty just by reading the title XD
Then we went to Walmart to purchase the goodiesssss!!


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