June 27, 2013 Thursday

We found a watermelon like this at the Women Bra's section at Walmart lol..
DID NOT KNOW THEY HAD WATERMELON FLAVOR!!!! My sister tried to find it at the other rack, but she couldn't find it. It looked so good though... I MEAN IT'S FROM JUICY FRUIT AHH
Bought it for $7.50 LOVE IT!

My sister and I went to Wells Fargo Bank near commons mall, then to Walmart, so she can buy safety pin to hold up her clothing piece, empty cdrom, and blue sweat pants, Beatles tank top with laced back. I bought strawberry EOS balm (finally) and Snow White tee! I also helped buy the empty cdrom and safety pins for my sister, so total came around $13. Then we went to Jack in the Box and I helped paid my sister the food. She bought a lot of food for me when I didn't have a job, so I'm paying back to her! :) went home afterwards. Didn't get to watch a movie together because she had to burn all her paid music into CD, she had difficulties burning them because they're purchased ones from iTunes :T it's not in mp3 form or protected files. We watched some FoodforLouis XDDDDD! She was cringing from the Live tarantula xP I DID TOO THOUGH, omggg. Then we watched Hyori Lee's Bad Girl mv because my sister really looked like Hyori with the black hair.

We slept nearly 6am in the morning and she woke up around 9am and left. I woke up around 12, but my sister hasn't called me yet. She's with Jessie Chong. I am hoping they are shopping at Walmart and not my sister still lost :( I really do hope she calls me soon! I hope Jessie be nice to my sister and nothing bad happens..... I really do hope my sister have a really good time! If I had to ask mother nature a favor for me, I would ask her to make sure my sister has a good time at the Paradiso concert!!!!! And if there's need to be sacrificial made, if she wants to balance this deal. I would have it bad for 3 days while my sister have a good time!!!! But if Mother Nature doesn't care about sacrificing, then that's a bonus *__*



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