Me and Grace and I went to the mall, bought some clothes like I bought 4 for $20 tank tops and minty green shorts while Grace bought minty green shorts and black shorts as well. I wanted to buy the black shorts, but they ran out of size 7. I wanted to buy the Minnie Mouse sweater, but the inside kind of felt itchy? So I didn't get it plus it was around $20. After that we went to stores like Fuego as well and Hallmarks. We also ate Chipotle burrito Bol. I also bought chipotle for Grace and Minkyung. And watched "Werewolf Boy" with Grace. We also got something from Nordstrom Ebar and got smoothie and mocha. She ordered Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha and I got Double Berry smoothie. Grace bought it for me.
The almost ending of 'Werewolf Boy'


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