February 11, 2013 Monday

Minkyung, my sister, and I went to eat out at Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant at Lynnwood, Washington. I paid both of them, then after that, we went to Pochi Bubble Tea station at Lynnwood, Washington. Minkyung bought us our bubble tea. We were all full, but my mom said that we should meet up with her, my grandma, my aunt, and my aunt's daughter Yeh-Jeong at the San Maru restaurant at 8 pm. We ordered Mul-Naengmyun (물냉면). My sister ate the most from it while I ate rice and Korean radish. I can't believe I ate more, my stomach felt so full. After that, my sister and I drove to 7-Eleven at the 238th street. We couldn't make it for the 9 pm time mark, so she got charged $5 again.

My aunt looked all high fashion, young, and pretty and she was cussing a lot, lol. I asked her if she still smokes and she said that she still smokes and my grandma looked like she didn't like it one bit. I didn't know my grandma was against that. She was same as me, whenever aunt used the bathroom, grandma was use it afterwards and she would smell the smoke and complains. Same thing like me lol! Nice to have someone to relate to me. Sadly she still smokes. I hope she quits someday! If only marijuana was legal in Korea, then she would know how to relax her stomach. Smoke seriously kills your beauty as well. You slowly rot.

Anyways my sister is planning to watch a movie. And wow, Yeh-Jeong grew a lot. She's so tall! She looked taller than me, but it's just her body weight... Ouch. No offense. At first I thought she gained a lot of weight, but it was just that she grew taller. My grandma was playing temple run on her phone, that's hilarious!!! An old grandma on her iPhone playing app games! It's cute and hilarious! She was so into the game. My sister thought my grandma was ignoring us, but grandma was so into the game. It was fun evening spending time with aunt. Finally, Jenny met Yeh-Jeong! And finally get connected with our aunt!

Okay picture time!
Burrito Bol at Chipotle
My sister and Minkyung at Chipotle
At Pochi


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