April 9, 2013 Tuesday

So a guy that looked like Lee Min Ki from Flower boy band group except this man was taller. He really looked like Min Ki though. It's weird because I never had a dream of him before. So he had feelings towards Minkyung aka Claire Park, the girl I know. She fainted due to over working and he was very sad about it. I had feelings for him, but it was just one sided, same goes out to him for Minkyung.

He said that he wanted to rob some money from the yakuza... And that he needed help, so I went with him. He stole a chest full of cash that was rolled with rubber band. Then we went out and I realized I was feeling guilty and scared, so I told him I'll keep one roll of $20's. When we went inside the yakuza building before, it was empty but there was yakuza people in there. I was so scared to go in, so he asked me to wait at the lobby. He went inside and put the money back, but one of the member of yakuza noticed it. He was getting his paycheck and realized he had missing money, that missing money was the roll of money I took. I really liked the dream though, he was protecting me. He held my hands and we ran away together. I remember the boss's assistant or son said out loud "it's this Susan Sung Min Roh that stole the money. Find her and kill her!" So the dream was me getting chased. While we were hiding, he realized he has feelings for me this whole time. He just thought he liked Minkyung because of her innocence. So I went to his work place which was the food court at a carnival, he was one of the cooker. He made me food and told me that he will protect me from the yakuza. Dream ended when I was about to eat the food.


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