May 1, 2013

Exciting to scary dream. Before riding the cruise party, I told people immediately to draw anime drawing and that they will win a prize. I was happy telling people, inside the cruise too. It was dark and flashy lights on, people were watching a movie from the projector. I don't know why this movie reminds me of Cloud Atlas, I never watched it, maybe the feeling? Ending was when our boat drifted away with the another boat and we were running speed to the land where there was fire on and off, it was like wildfire. I was so scared, but we finally got off the land, then we were back to the ocean and Biggie from Hyungjae realized something off and said "we're in the end of the ocean" so we all went out and tried to turn the boat around with our hands because the ocean was 2 inch water, but it was still accelerating towards the end of the ocean, I was helping then I realized I saw Steven Byeon. I felt his warmth from his body as we held into each other to help pull away the boat.. That was so weird, WTF?

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